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I have posts in my mind drafted that I know I need to write (hello, 14 month update & other milestones) but time and energy are escaping me. However, this precious picture was taken this past weekend and I couldn't help but post. Ryan & Katie are dear friends -- and Sweet C was born about 2 months and some change after the babies. I posted about it here. She truly is a miracle baby, just tiny, precious and perfect when she was born --- 1lb 14oz at 29 weeks gestation.

It's been a long road for K & R but they have survived it like champs. Their faith has been unwavering and Caroline has just thrived. She is still petite, but still absolutely precious and perfect. She was an absolute angel at her party --and we saw quite a few smiles and even caught a few giggles. Katie and I always say that Quinn and Caroline are destined to be BFF's because their personalities are so much alike. Both have been through so much this past year but their spunky, fiesty and lovable attitudes have carried them through.

They also have a bit of an affiinity for smocked outfits. I am sure it has nothing to do with their moms scouring the internet and facebook auctions to insure they stay fully smocked :)  Because of a bit of distance and work schedules, etc - Quinn and Caroline had never had an opportunity to play together before each other's 1st birthday.  Well, this past Saturday, we arrived at C's party, and they immediately started playing with each other - they had a ball until ADD (from my girl) took over. But this picture says it all.

I am in love with these two sweet girls and pray they will always be friends. And may they always know what miracles and blessings from God that they are.

And it wouldn't be so bad if Ryan decided that Caroline was a catch later on either :) But my Aggie husband and Caroline's UT daddy may have something to say about that.

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