Change of Plans...

Well, I had planned to catch up on some bloggy things this weekend but didn't plan on THREE posts. I am crazy today.

Anyway, this is short and sweet for everyone rooting for Team Quinn.

We received a call this a.m. from our surgeon's office. We were "bumped". Awesome.

New surgery date is Tuesday, September 27th. We will check in on Monday the 26th at 8am for pre-op work up, so I assume the time will be early on Tuesday.

Catheter procedure remains on Monday, Sept. 19th. We are unlikely to be bumped that date so that seems firm at the moment.

For the rest of it, I am going to start writing in pencil in my planner because now it looks like a preschooler got a hold of it and scribbled in it with all of my scratch-outs and "redos".

But I'm not going to complain - remember my last prayer request? That the timing of the surgery be of HIS time, not ours. So if the 27th is His day for her, then let it be. Please just keep praying for His hands to annoint the scheduling and all of the medical staff that will come together that day for our little girl.

Love y'all,

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