Productive Parenting - "You Can Say No Too Often"

A few months back after scouring websites for age-appropriate activities for the twins, I came across Productive Parenting (http://www.productiveparenting.com/). They have so much helpful information and each morning they automatically email me with simple things I can do with the kids. Some are sensory activities, others work on gross or fine motor skills, etc. I don't always have the time to complete them but I often stockpile them away for a rainy day. If you have young kids, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for their free email updates. Most of the activities require little or no money and usually can be done with just normal household items. Score!

Well, they also have blog where they regularly feature "everyday" moms. I feel honored they chose an article of mine to feature today. Take a peek when you get a chance and take a minute to scroll through and read other helpful parenting advice!

(*Please note, I was not paid to endorse any aspect of PP or write the article. I am letting you know about PP because I believe in it and my kids enjoy it :) *)

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The L's said...

Thanks for this! This is great!

Carolina Carters said...

Love this site!

I'm following along so I can keep up with your girl...praying for you AND her as you prepare for surgery!!