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Seemingly as I was reading over my last few posts, poor Ryan hasn't had much written about him - understandably so with Q's situation - but I NEVER want either twin to feel abandoned or not as special as the other. We try to keep things fair and square in this house. My parents were always so good about that with my brother and I. Even at Christmas they would write one of us a check to make up the difference if the present tabulation was even slightly off. So that being said, this post is all about my precious boy and what he has been up to.

Ryan is quickly becoming the resident comedian of the house. He absolutely cracks us up every day. With fake sneezing when we say "Bless you", his "dancing", his random high pitch screaming (happy screams), and so many other things. The more we laugh, the more he does it and with much more gusto than the previous time. 

He also can be very serious about things --- he takes everything in with thoughtfulness and is VERY serious about his CMT watching. Heaven forbid you try to get between him and the television when there's music on. He will push you right out of the way.

He loves to get back massages from Daddy. He will lay Ryan across his knees and beat (gently!) on his back and he just giggles and giggles.

He learned to say "Gigi" this past weekend when my mom was in town. She told us the night we came home from the hospital that she was working on it with him and he said it. I have to say I didn't really believe her because that's a tough "G" sound to make. But sure enough, the next morning, he was toddling around and said it about three times.

Speaking of toddling, he is a full-blown walker (most of the time) now. He still gets a little excited and trips up on his feet but everyday he gets a bit faster. He loves to play chase with his sister, especially under the kitchen table - and I think it's more fun now that he can run instead of crawl after her.

He is still a pretty sensitive little boy. He gets upset about the darndest things and definitely needs pats of comfort during the day. Lately it's been this toy stethoscope scaring him. He's ok playing with it but then he puts it around his neck and can't get it off and it scares him to death. The first couple of times it happened, I couldn't understand why he was running over to me crying like he had just been hit by a truck. Then I realized the problem. Yet, I still can't figure out why he chooses to play with it over and over! (On a different yet related note, he is finally over his "ball phobia". He will now happily play with all balls, including the supposedly frightening glow-in-the-dark, squishy one.

He is also getting 2  more teeth. I think that puts our count at 14. Yikes. That's definite toddler territory.

He is a Cheeto fanatic. I cannot eat my lunch in peace because he runs over everytime I open up the Cheeto bag. He then sits there and begs until I give him one, then typically he loses it to his clepto sister, who promptly yanks it from him. This usually results in a meltdown.

He is still eager to cuddle and anytime I need a hug - I know I can go pick him up and he will snuggle like no other. Love that.

He gets a s*&T eating grin on his face anytime he makes his way up to the "forbidden couch" or "chair". He looks so content and happy and foolish all at once. It's hard not to laugh at his delighted expression of making it to the top - but I have seen the end results of him toppling off, so we are working "Ryan, bottom, now!". He usually looks at me with the same ole grin and then will finally sit.

His favorite sing-song phrase to mutter over and over again is "Mund-ee, mund-ee..." I would pay good "mund-ee, mund-ee" to know that actually means. And if it truly is "Money", then someone should gently break the news to him that there is none after eating us out of house and home for the past year and a half : )

Love, love my precious boy. Oh, how my heart breaks knowing I won't see him for days on end. I know he is going to be confused, being taken care of different family members constantly --- I know they will take EXCELLENT care of him, I just wish I could magically be in 2 places at once.

Ryan, I love you so - I loved being on our "Mommy & Ryan" date today to Little Gym. To see how you have grown through that class and come to know all of the songs and how to put up your toys amazes me! You are so brazen now to climb on all of the equipment and I was so proud. You crossed a very difficult "problem solving" pass today and made it to the finish (with the bribe of the ever-faithful remote control!)

Here are a few more pics:

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You are such a good, sweet mommy!