"Normal" Heart vs Q's "Special Heart"

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I've tried in the past to describe a bit about Q's particular defect. I am definitely not a science person so even though I have studied her anatomy, most times it still doesn't make sense. I am such a visual person so people describing it to me all sounds like "blah, blah, blah. And more blah".  And there are so many variations of "different" hearts, that it's near impossible to find an accurate and simple drawing that I can make heads or tails of. Long ago before Q was born, our fetal cardiologist drew us several pictures but I have to say that at this point, they are buried away somewhere. So whenever people ask me to describe what's going on with her heart, I always refer them to my engineer hubby for a more accurate description :).

Anyway, a fellow heart mommy was kind enough to send me this link to Quinn's defect and have a comparison of a "normal" heart. Thank you, http://www.heartbabyhome.com/!

Quinn's heart image:

Normal heart image:

1 week until the big cath day and 2 weeks and a day until SURGERY day. Please continue to pray for God's timing --- I am almost waiting for the other shoe to drop and for us to be rescheduled again. If that is His plan, then let it be. But help us continue to prepare our hearts and minds as we count down these days. We are now on what I fondly refer to as "lock down", meaning Quinn cannot have visitors or go anywhere. We want to keep those germies far, far away so that her surgery does not have to be postponed due to illness. Thankfully this little one has been incredibly healthy since she came home from the hospital, only running one low grade fever for a day and a couple of normal sniffles. What a blessing that has been!

Now we just need to keep the streak going for a few more weeks. She was able to get her flu shot a couple of weeks ago, so we are good in that department too. So for the next week, we'll hole up at home --- which really isn't a huge deal considering we are back in the TRIPLE DIGITS AGAIN. This is truly the summer that will not end. I am convinced that we will still be in the 90s come Christmas. Drive-thrus are our best friend right now - not for the food but just so we can get in the car and get OUT OF THE HOUSE for a moment.

Anyway, just a quickie update - we're doing well. Thank you for everyone who continue to cover our little girl in prayer. Let's GEAUX Team Quinn! (Had to throw my LSU reference in there now that football season is finally here - and goodness, if you have prayers to spare, throw in a couple of extra for our big game Thursday night vs Miss St. ha!)

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