Update #3

We are safely on bypass and Q's precious heart has been stopped. They have cooled her body down to 26 degrees celsius (about 80ish degrees F). All oxygne flows to the major organs looks good - and brain function especially looks great. She continues to remain perfectly stable and has given them no scares. Praise God.

They are now in the process of figuring out the repair and how they will go about it now that they can see everything. The will tackle the VSD first, and then once they finish that, they will look at her Pulmonary Artery & see how they want to redirect the blood flow there with her right ventricle, as well as open up the pulmonary artery. The next crucial decision by Dr. Fraser will be whether to replace the PA with artifical equipment (something she would grow out of & need at least 3 more repairs) or whether they can fix her "original equipment." Obviously the best course of action would be repair. Please be in prayer for Dr. Fraser as he will be making the decision shortly.

We still have several more hours to go. Our entire TQ up at TCH thanks you all - we are having a blast looking at the facebook page & seeing all of your pictures in green & all of the fun pictures that have been sent via text or email.


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Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

Glad to see such a positive update #3. Still praying...

C Williams said...

Field's mommy is one of my dear friends and I have heard a lot about his little girlfriend, Quinn! Wanted to let you know that I have been praying and will continue praying for sweet Quinn and your family. Specific prayers for this part of her surgery are being sent now from San Antonio.
Courtney W.

Lord, please wrap your arms around the Clanahans today. Please guide Dr. Fraser's hands and decisions as you perform mighty miracles in Quinn's life. In Jesus' name, Amen.