Update #5 and FINAL

Well, sweet friends - this is going to the final update probably for the day unless we gain a bunch of energy later on.


Quinn came off of bypass perfectly - they did the echos and tests to check the performance of the repairs and everything looked great. They were able to keep the repair of the PA instead of putting in an artificial. This was a huge prayer answered.

We met with the surgeon - he did indicate that she did great but she definitely had a very complex and difficult heart to repair. Honestly by the time we spoke with him, we were just so beat we were barely able to ask any questions or mutter anything other than say, "thank you". Because of her complex anatomy, at some point in her life she will need another surgery - but that could be years and years down the road or it could be next year, who knows. She has a "bad" pulmonary valve but it's too small to be repaired now and it's not causing any problems right now. She will be followed along for the rest of her life by a cardio team, so they will be able to time that surgery as appropriate.

BUT, let's focus on the awesome news & not the future --- this little girl came through with flying colors. She remained completely stable majority of the time, save for the very, very beginning of the surgery when she had a slightly irregular heart rhythm, but she came out of that and never experienced it again (we just found that out after speaking to Dr. Fraser).

She is doing perfect for a child who just had a 8 hour open heart procedure. Obviously, she has lots of tubes, iv's, catheters, etc. Slowly they will start removing these but nothing will likely be removed before tomorrow. Tonight especially she will remain completely sedated and not be aware of anything. She's on a good dose of pain meds and the doctors will make sure that she will not feel a thing.

God is great, all of the time. Your prayers were heard and answered --- if you ever doubt the power of prayer, please remember Quinn's story. This was a miracle girl, who just came through a very difficult surgery with absolutely zero complications. I've said it a bazillion time, but thank you so much for all of your prayers.

We will get to see our little girl at around 4:30 or 5 this evening after she is transported to the Cardiac Intensive Care Wing. I know it will be difficult to see her that way with all of her wires and tubes, but it will also be a huge relief. She is still here with us. Thank you, God.

Will continue to keep you posted after we go through our week, but promise not to EVER post 5 or 6 times in one day again, ha!


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Amanda said...

Oh my sweet friend!!!! I am crying tears of joy for your family right now. Thank you Jesus one more time!!! What a miracle she is, and may we never forget that. I love you to the moon!

Nancy said...

Meagan - You may not remember me, but I met you once in the Wednesday class at Little Gym. My son, Jacob, is just a few months younger than your twins. A few weeks later, we met your husband and Ryan in the Saturday class. My husband and I are both Aggies so we all bonded. :o)

Shortly after that, I came across your blog from another blog. I have been following your story leading up to Quinn's surgery. And I've been following your updates today and praying for you guys. I'm so happy to hear that things went well, and hope you are seeing your precious girl now!

I will continue to pray for Quinn and your family as I'm sure recovery for a toddler is hard. We hope to see all of you again at Little Gym soon!

Nancy Wiltshire

lacey said...

Amen & halleluia!! Still praying for grace through her recovery and for you & Matt.