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The day has come. This morning (Monday), bright and early, we head down to the med center for pre-op admissions. Why we have to be down there at 8am for a Tuesday surgery is still a little beyond me, but that's the way they do it so we'll play by the rules :)  Prayerfully, we will finish pre-op admissions by 1pm and will be in a room on the 15th floor which will be our home until they take us back for surgery on Tuesday morning. Surgery time is scheduled for 7am.

I don't know if we are 100% ready for this, but I do know that we have done everything in our human power to prepare ourselves, prepare Quinn, love on her, love on her brother, and love each other. I know that God will meet us where we need to be met and will bring us through it, no matter the outcome.

The hardest prayer I have prayed through this prep time is let His Will be done. Quinn has always been His child, as much as I want to hold on with my death grip, she is His - we are just blessed to be her earthly parents. Thank God for that.

We will keep you posted as much as possible. It will be a very LONG few days. Please pray for the doctors, nurses, staff who will be taking care of our little girl. Please also pray for the safe travels for the remaining family members who are making their way in town. Please pray that Quinn will be comfortable and not in any pain, and that she will not feel any anxiety.

We love you all. We are amazed at your prayer faithfulness and are blessed beyond measure.

It's Go (GEAUX) Time : )

In His Hands,
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God Bless you ALL!
The Hollas'