A Little Hiccup

So this a.m. the doctors tried to remove the 2 chest tubes Q has had in for drainage. Unfortunately, one of them is stuck somewhere in her incision/sutures. They had Dr. Fraser come in and try to remove it but he couldn't get it either at the bedside. So in order to save her massive discomfort and not knowing how & where the tube is stuck, they took Quinn back in the OR about 30 minutes ago (11:45ish, Thursday). They will have to put her under general again and there is a chance they may have to open up the entire incision and sew it back up depending upon where it's connected. We could have waited until tonight to have Fraser perform it but Dr. Heinle was available (who is a great surgeon as well), so we just went with him.

So a little hiccup and not what we were expecting, but it shouldn't be a massive deal. It just means that she won't move down to the recovery floor (15th) anytime today and she earned another overnight in the CVICU which actually is just fine by me.

Just wanted to keep you posted - just pray that all goes smoothly going under and coming back out.

Update (1:00pm) - All went well. They had to completely reopen her incision (poor girl) but they were able to remove the stubborn chest tube that was hooked around one of the wires they used to fuse her chest bone closed. They are just checking xrays right now to make sure there's no air around her lungs and then we should see Quinn in about 30 minutes or so. Thank God for the awesome staff here who moved so quickly to get this taken care of so our little girl wouldn't be set back too far in her recovery.

Pray for NO MORE HICCUPS!!! One is enough!

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Libby said...

Full steam ahead! Thank you for updating, and we hope she continues to improve and recover. Thinking of you all...

Kristy Barmore said...

Wishing Quinn a speedy Recovery!

Katie Cooper said...

Yeah! So glad it's over. Praying for sweet Quinn and her paretn's.

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

First of all, I can't believe she came of the vent so quickly. Quinn is a true rockstar!

Hate to hear about the bump in the road today. Glad they were able to get it fixed so soon.

p.s. I'm a little partial to Dr. Heinle :)