Update #4

Ok - right now everything looks really good. They've called it "textbook" so far. They were able to repair NOT replace the pulmonary artery with a patch. This is GREAT news. All of the other repairs, VSD's, and the "rewiring" (I am sure there is an official word for this but I can't remember at the moment) b/w the PA & Right Ventricle has all been completed and are successful at the moment.

They are in the process of re-warming her and then they will turn off bypass and get her heart started again. This is the next HUGE step. We need the heart to come back and blood to start pumping adquately through the various chambers and vessels. They will take multiple echos and pictures to see how the patch on the PA is holding up. If they are satisfied with the repair, then they will begin to close everything up. We will have another update at 3pm. If all goes well, we have about 2 more hours of work to do, then she will be stable enough to move to the CVICU & then Matt and I will be able to see her approximately 1 hour after that.

Please pray specifically that coming off the heart/lung bypass goes smoothly and without problems and that Quinn remains stable. Please also pray that the patch looks satisfactory. If it doesn't, they will turn bypass back on and start over on that portion of the repair. PRAISE God for textbook so far. He IS always faithful even in times of despair and heartache.

In Him,

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Lisa Johnson said...

You are doing such a great job on updating! Thank you. Textbook is the best thing to hear! Go Quinn Go! Prayers for you and Matt when you see your precious daughter. It will be hard, but like you said, He is faithful even in times of despair.