18 Months!

It's been awhile since I did an actual "month" post and I figured 18 was an appopriate time to do so.

First, how did that happen??!! Yikes! It seems like just yesterday when I was dressing the babies in their "My First Christmas" onesies. And now they are in "big" Christmas clothes. Tiny sob. Or big one.
I haven't decided yet.

I will say 17 and 18 months have been probably my most favorite months (so far), but by FAR the most challenging. I'm sort of giggling to myself because apparently I blocked out the fact that for the first four or five months, sleep was a luxury that I couldn't afford and I had zero clue what I was doing with 2 babies.

Hmmmm. Except I still have no idea what I am doing. But I am sleeping through the night. That makes a big difference.

Anyway, it's a super fun age because every day they do something new or learn a new trick, new word, or something else that fascinates me.

And it's a super frustrating age because we are in that lack of communication stage. They know words and in their heads they make sense, but unfortunately we aren't exactly speaking the same language.

You see, I speak English.

They speak "toddler".

I don't understand "toddler".

They understand some of this "English" stuff but I am pretty sure if I say "Please do not throw the food to the dog, it doesn't make Mommy happy", this is what they hear apparently:

"Throw food to dog. Mommy happy."

Not exactly on the same page.

We've also seen the first stages of extreme meltdowns and tantrums - mostly brought on by the above mentioned language barrier.

This is when I would like to rewind about 10 months and actually use that Sign Language DVD that I once had in my amazon shopping cart. And then I remember that I really didn't even have time to brush my teeth then, much less start to teach them basic signs.

I suppose I could start now. Hmmmm.

But regardless of communication breakdowns and toddla-drama, we are having a blast. Everyday they make me smile or giggle at something they do - and they are such happy babies. We feel incredibly blessed.

Ryan: What You Are Up To @ 18 Months:

- We haven't had your 18 month appointment yet, so not sure how much you weigh. I'm guessing 23 or 24lbs? Not sure. You probably are still small for your age but you seem heavy to me! You are wearing 12-18M pants (your legs are still ummm, petite? short?). You can still wear some 12 month shirts but most t-shirts need to be 18M. You wear a size 5 shoe. Son, your feet are WIDE. Like really, really wide. Which for some reason tells me you have a growth spurt coming. I don't know how those 2 relate but it seems like to me that you need to grow into those feet. Anyway, shoes are a challenge but a necessity these days. I've finally found 3 pairs that seem to work pretty well.

- You still take 2 naps a day. I think that's going to come to a close soon. However, you seem to need the most sleep so I have been delaying, delaying, delaying. Right now, you nap most days from about 10am-11:45am, and then again from about 3:00-4:45pm, then somehow you are exhausted enough to go back down at 7:45pm and sleep until 7:15am.

- Most of the time you are really happy but you have your super cranky moments at around 9am and then again around 5pm. Luckily Daddy is usually home by 5 to rescue me from your multiple meltdowns in the afternoon. When you get fussy at 9, I pop on a music television station and that seems to take care of it.

- You are still obsessed with anything musical. I mean, drop, stop & roll whenever you hear it come on.

- You are becoming quite the football fan. You love to watch it and get so excited and clap excitedly and bounce up and down. You were the hit of the LSU v Arkansas game with your antics.

- You can say quite a few words (I guess for an 18 month old, I really have nothing to compare it to) but it's only on your terms and only when you feel like it. You will just bust out with it. And then sometimes I feel like you forget certain words. From what I've read I think that's quite normal. You used to say "Nap" and "Snack" all the time but now you've kind of dropped that. Your new favorite word right now is "Ighhhhht" (light). You love to flip the light switch all the time and must do it everytime we walk past one. OCD like your daddy? : )

- You say "I llllll" for "I love you" and then you blow me a kiss when I say it. Heart explode. (Is it selfish that I can't wait until you can say the full phrase??!!) : )

- You are still cuddly but again, only on your terms. Now you will struggle out of my arms when you are done. You have become such a BOY overnight. Throwing balls, kicking balls, running at full blast and scaring me to death, as you seem to come 1/4 inch closer to cracking your head open each time.

- You love the outdoors. You love to go on walks, play in the backyard and get fresh air. If we were a little more on top of picking up after the dog outside, we would play in the backyard a little more :)

- You love going to the grocery store & to the Little Gym. You say "Heyyyyyy" or "Hiiiiiii" and "Yeepppppp" to everyone you see. Such a happy boy.

- You are a minimalist when it comes to your crib. You like to sleep with your one special lovey and that is it. No blankets or other stuffed animals. Just the lovey. When I get you up in the morning, you have to take one big last sniff of the lovey and then you toss it back in. We learned about a month ago that the lovies are NOT to leave the crib. They get lost and then I have to hit up amazon and overnight shipping.

- Ryan, we are so thankful for the last eighteen months we've had with you. You are such a special little boy and we are incredibly blessed to be your parents. Thank you for being the amazing child you are. I can't wait to see how you will continue to grow and blossom!

Quinn: What You Are Up To @ 18 Months

- Quinnie, I think you are starting to gain back some of that weight you lost from your surgical adventures. Your little waist actually got so small I had to break down and buy you some 6-12 month jeans so you wouldn't be waddling around and hoisting up your 12month ones all of the time. But yesterday I put back on your normal size jeans and they stayed up all day! You wear 12-18 month tops and dresses. Some of the dresses are a little long but you are just a petite thing! You wear a size 4 shoe and have the tiniest, most perfect little feet. I love them.

- You have quite the shoe collection. You love shoes. You love accessories. You actually love bows but don't love to keep them on - you just like to pull them off and then try to put them back on yourself. My little miss independent. I gave you your first "grown-up" little purse this week and you have spent your days carrying it around like a big girl and putting random objects in it.

- You are eating GREAT these days. Breakfast, by far, is your best meal of the day. You can suck down almost 2 full pancakes, some eggs and fruit, topped off by milk. Whoa. That's like an adult breakfast. Your favorite food (along with your brother) seems to be Mommy's beef stroganoff. I don't know why you guys have suddenly decided to come on board with the beef, but you are loving it! Both of you have finally shown the first signs of pickiness and veggies are NOT a hit right now. So I'm trying to be creative on how to fit them in somehow. You are obsessed with avocado and anytime you see one in fruit basket, you have to have it. You can easily take down a whole one yourself. I'm not complaining because that is for sure good fat for you!

- You mimic almost every word we say. It's pretty incredible. I don't know that you have quite made the connections with all of them but you will try and say them everytime. It's a fun game for us :) You've reverted from calling your turtles an actual "turtle" but call them "ta ta's". We're going to have to work on that one.

- You are incredibly sweet and loving. If I ask for a hug, you will run up to me and grab my neck tight. And you will kiss on command if we say "Love you, Quinnie!".

- You and brother play together a lot more now. Most of the time you can play nicely, but sometimes, just sometimes, you become this little tiny bully. We knew you were for sure on the road to recovery when you "Lil Tyke" car jacked Ryan. He was just sitting in his car, minding his business, when all of a sudden, you threw open the door and almost literally dragged him out of the car and hopped in. Wow. I had to turn to hide my laughter and then of course, you headed for time out. Sorry, honey. No car jacking in this house.

- You are ALL about Daddy these days. On the weekends or in the evenings when he is home, you pretty much want nothing to do with me. I try not to let it hurt my feelings :)

- You still take 2 naps a day as well but only because your brother really needs them. You spend most of the first one alternating talking to yourself or crying a little bit. Your afternoon one is typically pretty good. If it was just you, we would have moved onto the one nap a day thing, but for now, we are sticking at 2. And by the way, while Ry only sleeps with one lovey, you have a veritable animal kingdom in your crib. You never throw anything out and usually are buried under a mound of loveys (at least 3), 2 dolls, 4 stuffed animals, and a little pillow. The only thing you throw out of your crib is your paci which is endlessly frustrating. Soon we will go paci free at night but I am delaying that a bit more as well.

- You are great at feeding yourself and love using forks and spoons. I think it's that little Miss Indpendent thing playing out again. You for sure have definite ideas and are not afraid to share them - and then perhaps pitch a fit when you don't get your way. Your meltdowns are epic. You flail on the floor and every once awhile look up to see if I'm watching. Which most of the time I am, but just out of the corner of my eye to make sure you aren't hurting yourself. Then a few minutes later, it's over, you hop up and start happily playing again. Huhhh???

- I won't get into much medical stuff with this update since we have a big doctors appointment next week, but I can for sure say that you are doing GREAT. Almost all of your strength has returned and your little legs are regaining the muscles you had lost during your time on your back. You aren't at a dead sprint yet but getting closer and closer. Your recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. You'll be back at full speed before we know it!

- Little one, we are so grateful for you, your infectious grin, and mischievious personality. Love you so much. And so glad you are home with us! You are a special, special, special little girl!

Whew ---- 18 months later and we are still surviving. Every day brings new challenges but I can definitely say this is the happiest times of our lives. When toys are strewn around the house, the laundry hasn't been folded or the dishwasher is running for the umpteenth time that week - we can't imagine anything else. I'm sure it will only get crazier around here (as evidenced by my ever-growing to do list and blacked out dates in my planner), but I can't wait. And for those who have asked ---- noooooooooooooooooooo, baby #3 is not even a twinkle in our eyes just yet!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!!

(oh and yes, the kids are officially 18 months tomorrow, the 3rd, but the likelihood of me posting this weekend is slim to none. So for once I am early in my posting instead of 2 weeks late. Whoo hoo!)

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Lisa Johnson said...

Happy 18 months! Oh I love your update. You find the most clever ways to describe life with a toddler. Ry and Q...y'all are awesome! Xoxoxo