Visit with Santa - 2011

Last year admittedly we were too overwhelmed and exhausted to do actual Santa pics all the mall. I had just had my kidney surgery and it was all I could do to attempt to get up some sort of Christmas decorations. Santa pics were not on the top of our list. Mommy had some guilt over that, but then I remember now that I could barely walk, much less dress two babies and face endless lines of crying kids.

But with Quinn's big release, we decided to head out on Friday and brave the crowds. Luckily a friend of ours from church had given us the heads up on the Santa Wonderland at the Bass Pro Shop.

Yup, you read that correctly.

My kids' first Santa pics were at Bass Pro.

Nevermind that neither Matt nor I are really avid outdoors/hunting/fishing people. We were just looking for a good Santa. Oh, and short lines.

It did not disappoint. We literally walked in, greeted the elves and got our pictures made.

However - the big disappointment.... "Santa" apparently has a liability clause that prevents him from holding two babies on his lap at the same time.

Are you kidding me???

What's the fun in having twins if you can't have Santa pics of them together?

I resisted my temptation to say something to Santa that would put me on the naughty list and instead just decided to go with the flow. They did tell us that if one could stand next to him, then he could hold the other.

I just laughed. Yup, I can't even get my 18 month olds to stay still for 3 seconds, much less stand next to a strange man, with strange little people in weird looking hats staring at them.

So we went for the separate pictures. I have to say while they didn't exactly look thrilled, they didn't pitch a fit.

This is where I admit that I am potentially a bad mom:

I really kinda wanted the half-hysterical kid Santa pic. I've selfishly enjoyed seeing all the kid freak out pictures on facebook & blogs this year. They make me giggle. I.am.horrible.

When Quinn held it together, I wasn't too surprised. She's the more outgoing of the twins and pretty darn friendly. So I thought I still had a chance with Ryan. He's more cautious and has a tendency to be well, sensitive. Especially in new places. With white-bearded strangers.

Do you know that little toot almost smiled??? Ughhhh. No Santa freak pictures this year.

Just babies that look slightly bemused/slightly freaked/slightly paralyzed.

All in all, good Santa experience. It will be even more fun next year when they can take advantage of everything the Wonderland has to offer (I must admit that Bass Pro does a pretty good job. I just never thought my babies' 1st pictures would be, well, at Bass Pro. I guess my dad would be proud)

And we'll cross our fingers for some freak-out Santa pictures next year.

Ahhhh, I kid. I kid.

Sort of.

Here we go:

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Kelly said...

I LOVE CRYING SANTA PICTURES TOO!! My husband thinks it is horrible, but I just love that classic hysterical baby face mixed with Kris Kringle and his big cheesy smile. It gets me everytime! Unfortunately, my little guy was all smiles too. Fingers crossed for next year though...even if I have to pinch him on his way down to Santa's lap!! ;)

Holly said...

They turned out SO cute! I'm thinking of not taking my twins (just turned 2) because the last was a disaster. But you are right... priceless. So maybe you talked me into it. HEHE! I'm Holly btw. I found your blog through a friends when you needed prayers. I've never commented because I would type and then back space... what do you really say at a time like that.

But NOW.... I was so excited to read your update on Q & not be bawling. What a blessing she is! Congrats to your family!