Dallas Christmas, Part 2

Onto Dallas Christmas Part Deux.

Christmas Eve was spent mostly relaxing and trying to let the babies (and us) catch up on some sleep. We broke down and let the kids open a couple of gifts to keep them occupied and out of the tree for a few hours. And of course, as tradition in Dallas, it was yucky Christmas Eve weather. A little sleet, some very cold rain, and windy. The type of weather where you just want to stay snuggled in pjs all day instead of getting all dressed up to hit Christmas Eve services. But we pulled it together, got the kids ready and headed off to Christ United Methodist near my mom's so we could attend the "family-friendly" service.

Long ago, I attended Christ United for preschool but had never been to church in their new location. It was gorgeous! And everyone was so friendly and welcoming to our kids. We had the babies decked out in their matching outfits but we still got lots of comments on "wow, how far apart are your children?!?" Really? Ummmmm, about a minute apart. Seriously, we must have been asked this question about 10 times while we were in Dallas. Admittedly, Ryan looks more boy and "toddler" if you will and Quinn has still maintained some of her baby features, round face & rosy cheeks - and she's just a petite thing. But still. I would have to be a miracle mom to have kids that close together. I guess they were thinking Irish twins? Who knows. Anyway, I digress as usual.

The kids did well at church. For about 10 minutes. And then they just wanted to run up and down the aisles. Especially Quinn. They were fine when there was music playing, but as soon as people started talking, it was over. And since there was a Christmas play, there was a lot of talking.

On our way in, they had us each pick out an ornament for the children. Quinn really liked a fun one with a bright star (the child loves all things shiny) and grasped onto it with her whole life. I was excited for her to have her very own child-safe ornament --- until I found out that part of the play was interactive --- meaning the kids were supposed to go up at various parts of the play and hang their ornaments on the trees at the front of the church. In front of everyone. I started having a minor panic attack because with the death grip that she had on that thing, I thought the chances of her letting go and generously putting the star on the tree would be slim to none. Christmas Miracle #3 - she must have been distracted by all of the people, the lights and who knows what else, because as I carried her up there, she released her hold and I was able to hang her ornament sans meltdown. And cheesy as it sounds, I got a little teary-eyed hanging that ornament with my little girl. It only makes me more excited to share Christmas with my children in the future. So special.

After church, we headed home to eat ham and fixings --- and as in Anderson tradition, we didn't actually eat until much later than thought. Too much fun was being had, plus having the babies takes about an extra hour or so, between the feeding and bathing them. And then we had a surprise visit from our friends, The Whitehills (parents of Ashley mentioned in Part 1). I was soooo happy to see them and have them see the kids. Our families used to spend every Thanksgiving together and so seeing them during the holidays was incredibly special. So glad they came by! Here are a few Christmas Eve pictures, most courtesy of my brother (and Christina) who is becoming quite the photographer:

My mom & Steve's tree - and lots of presents!

Geaux Tigers!

My brother and me with the babies

Blaine still working on the way to hold children

One of my little miracles

Fun with Uncle Blaine

Uncle Blaine wore Ryan out!

Quinn's Ruby Red slippers (remember them from the hospital??? They are her favorite!)

Priceless. Waiting for Santa???

Where is he????

I both love and loathe this picture. Love it because he's darned cute. Loathe because he looks like a darned boy and  not my little baby :(

Our family

My sister-in-law, Christina and the babes

Miss Janice, my mom and me

My 2nd dad, Mr. Ed. We even share the same birthday. Love him & miss him!

Next Up: Christmas Day!

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