Almost Two Year Old Pictures

Last Saturday we had R&Q's 2 year old picture session. First, I can't believe I almost have two year olds! Aghhhh. Where did the time go? Just 10 short days :( Secondly, I didn't originally plan to do professional pictures this year. In an effort to save money while we go through this whole house building/house selling thing, we were planning on using our "good" camera for once (instead of the iphone) and trying to get some decent pictures ourselves. But then these ladies at 241 Photography had a deal we couldn't pass up. They are sweet college-aged girls and were looking to build their portfolio of pictures of young people. I figured if I didn't like them then I only really was out some time and effort and not much else. BUT they came out great - at least I think so : ) They perfectly captured their personalities and even managed to get some precious shots of them together. That is a feat in itself.

Quinn, of course, was predictably "busy" during the shoot and never.wanted.to.sit.down.or.smile.or.stay.still.or.follow.directions. But we still managed to get some precious pics of her - although none with her huge cheesy smile she has. She was just too enamored with exploring everything else to be bothered to look at the camera and smile. Typical Quinn. Love that girl.

And Ryan was just Mr. Chill as usual. Pretty content to let us move him wherever we wanted and actually smiled at the camera quite a few times, showing what a huge ham he can be. He just looks like such a BOY in these pictures --- no more baby. All boy and all toddler. And those eyes? Those baby blues, a gift from his grandfathers, just melt me.

The most surprising thing to me was to see how much they are starting to look alike. They both can have similar expressions (nose scrunch while smiling), same smiles, similar eyes, and virutally the same color hair. And I also realized wow, they are ALL CLANAHAN. If I didn't carry them, I would wonder if they were mine : ) Totally all Matt's side. Quinn is really starting to resemble Matt's mom and sister to me. Crazy how genetics work. But there was a time where Q was starting to look like my clone so I suppose it all could change again. For now, I think they really are looking like twins and not just siblings, especially since Q continues to grow and put on weight -- she's not that much behind her brother as she used to be!

Oh, my children. I can't believe we are already two years into this roller coaster ride. We love you to the moon and back.
Here are some of our favorites:

This one? Yeah. That would be my favorite.

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Lyric said...

Beautiful pictures and that last one is to die for!

Lyric said...
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Lyric said...

Beautiful pictures and that last one is to die for!

Anonymous said...

My beautiful kids get their good looks from their beautiful mom (my wife!!!) Love you R&Q!!!

Bethany Lenhart said...

Your children are just beautiful. Such wonderful pictures of your two.