Excited about Heartwaves!

So thrilled to be a part of a wonderful organization like www.heartwaves.org. Their goal is to provide expert information, informational blogs from parents of heart children like myself, and a place for other heart parents to connect within our community. If you are a heart mama or daddy (or just someone who wants to read some inspirational stories about these incredible children), make sure you like their page on facebook and sign up for their blog notifications.

It's amazing what's  happening in the world of CHD technology these days. It gives me such hope for these children 5, 10, 20 years down the road that perhaps interventions won't be as invasive, survivability rates will be higher, and quality of life will be that much better. So exciting!!!

Oh, and they asked me to share with the heartwaves community about a special piece of technology called the "Berlin Heart". It truly is a lifesaver for the most desperate of cases -- and something that was not readily available to all infants and children until recently. Read about it here...

Yay, heartwaves!!! Grateful for you!

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