Product of the Week - Get your MOJO on!

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First, I feel badly that I haven't participated in POTW for a few weeks - my head has been all over the place. Anyway, I am deviating from my usual "hair/beauty/baby" POTW and going south of the border.

To marinade.

Yes, you heard that right. Makes me sounds very housewife-y, huh?

It also says a lot about how cool I am right now - when I totally get excited about a marinade. My 22 year old self would totally kick my 32 year old self in the you know what.

I digress as usual.

The hubs actually discovered this amazing bottle of goodness a couple of years ago at the HEB. If you don't have an HEB where you live, I'm so sorry. It's one of my favorite places to grocery shop - except on the weekends or after 5 or on any holiday or really any other time when lots of people are there. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes and then pull my eyelashes out one by one.

BUT I recently discovered they have DOUBLE shopping carts (and I don't mean the big bulky car-type ones that I can't push or turn, although they have those as well) - I mean, just the good 'ole fashioned shopping cart with space and belts for 2 toddlers. So once a week at least, the kids and I set off for a mid-morning grocery shopping adventure. And surprisingly, most of the time it's lots of fun and I try to make it educational while we are there.

"Ry Ry - what is that? Can you say asparagus?" (Never mind that he calls any semi-rounded fruit regardless of color an "apple". We are getting closer.)

"Quinn, see that bag over there - those are momma's CHEETOS." (Then she appropriately freaks out because we HAVE to get the Cheetos. She makes me.)

And the favorite - "Kids, see those large glass bottles? That's mommy's JUICE. Her juice so she can survive your toddlerhood." (Then we have to get Daddy's "juice" too. Always keeping it classy buying "juice" at 11am on a Wednesday)

Oh my gosh. What in the world is wrong with me - ramble bamble.


Ok, this is the marinade. It will change your life.

I like to make my own marinades but sometimes I just don't have all the ingredients on hand and it's a pain. This makes life so simple. And it's fresh, delicious, and low calorie with tons of flavor.

We've used it on pretty much everything, chicken, pork, steak, and even fish for when I make my tilapia or catfish fish tacos (although you definitely don't want to marinate it longer than 20 minutes or so with the fish because of the acid in it).

By far, our favorite recently has been on thick, bone-in, center cut pork chops. One of the only reasons I love summer in Houston is Matt will grill out at least 3 times a week. And this is the perfect marinade for grilling chops - especially thick ones like those. Note: we learned you can marinate those for up to 24 hours and it's AMAZING. But if you only have 3-4 hours, it's still delicious. Served with a side of roasted asparagus and my sweet potato cubes, I was a happy girl.

Now, after all of that - go get your Mojo on! (Typically you will find it on the ethnic aisle with the speciality Mexican/Latin products). Enjoy!

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Tiffanie BV said...

Oh, I love this post and can't wait to try the product! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Found you from Kelly's Korner and how funny because I read Tiffany's blog too and have posted on her POTW a week times! I live in Houston too and love reading others blogs that I can relate to.

mariel said...

hi! stopping by from kelly's korner. your kiddos are adorable! i'll definitely have to try that marinade. love heb!