Five on Friday

For the past few weeks, I've followed a few blogs that do "Five on Friday". Seems like an excellent reason to have a random brain dump so I'm jumping in.

1. 29 days until LSU kicks off! So.flipping.excited. I was also super pumped that my Vive La Fete collegiate items I had pre-ordered way back in April or May arrived. Usually I just get Quinn LSU stuff and Ryan A&M things - it seemed the proper way to divide. However, since my days of dressing the twins alike are dwindling, I decided to splurge. So now they each have matching Aggie & Tiger gear. In true Q fashion, she smelled new clothes and immediately ripped off her pajamas yesterday and threw on her LSU dress (yes!). Then we did our "Hot boudin" cheer.

2. We just finished our 2nd week of swim lessons. With 4 lessons a week for 4 weeks, it's like I purposefully hazed myself. At any rate, the kids are really enjoying them now and ask to go all the time. Thankfully the start up was much better than last year --- this time they only cried the first 2 days and now they've been super champs. We aren't quite swimming yet but I have growing confidence that if they fell into a pool, they could get to a side or flip over and float which is really all I want at this point. I think by next year they will be little fishies.

3. I absolutely cannot believe it is AUGUST. To be honest when the summer started, I really was dreading it. The Houston heat and humidity makes almost any outdoors activity absolutely unbearable unless it's first thing in the morning or late, late in the evening. Last summer was horrendous. The kids had just turned 2, I couldn't take them to our pool by myself, and we were in the midst of moving. So I was basically Mom of the Year last year --- lots of drop offs at a local sitter center and Little Gym classes.

This year is totally different and we are having so much fun! We are rarely at home during "wake" hours --- instead we've had multiple play dates, swim dates, and we're even able to run errands without me feeling like I want to punch myself in the face. Most days. And I'm able to take them to our local pool all on my own --- it has a great shallow area with a splash pad thingie, so I just let them loose for a couple of hours at least twice a week. It's been good for all our souls. So now I'm actually a little sad that in just a month preschool will be starting :( It's just gone by way too fast and I'm determined to lap up every last bit of summer.

4. Houston is finally getting it's own Mom Blog Network! I originally heard about it from my friend Tiffanie's blog and immediately liked their facebook page. Anyway, they were looking for contributing writers and featured guest bloggers so I submitted a little bio. I'm so excited that I will be a guest blogger! Not sure what all that means in the way of posts but looking forward to it. It will be so fun to get to know these Houston Moms that represent all walks of life in our area. (Their website isn't up quite yet but go like their facebook page!)


5. And let's just end on this moment: Earlier this week I was tucking the kids into bed while Matt attended a meeting. I was super tired and quite honestly, just ready for the whole bedtime routine to be over. I got Quinn tucked in first and then went back to Ryan's room because he wanted "mommy to lay down just a minute" :) We said our prayers, talked about our day, and then I had to do the obligatory kisses --- "kiss my tummy, kiss my head, kiss my toes, etc" And then he said something that blew me away and melted me from the inside out. As we were laying there, all of a sudden he said, "Mommy, you my best friend." Say what??? I didn't even know that he knew the term "best friend" and here he was calling me that. And because I wanted to just make sure that I heard him right, I made him repeat it. A few times. And he really meant it. And then I cried like a baby. My sweet boy. 
(and I never feel like it's fair to end on one twin and not the other but trust me Quinn had her sweet-filled and wonderful moments this week too. I'll make sure to share hers next week :) just to keep things even)

Have a great weekend - we're off to the beach to meet some dear friends. PTL!

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tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

fellow Houston blogger here!
can't wait for the Houston Moms Blog to go live.
congrats on being a contributor!

you have such a beautiful family!
have a wonderful week!