My Little Fish 2013

As we did last year, we did survival swim classes for the kids. Survival in that it's supposed to help the kids get out of sticky situations in the pool. But really it means a test of Mommy Survival - 4 days a week for 4 week bootcamp of sorts. At any rate, it's a top notch program and I was so impressed with how much they learned this year. 

Last year was a whole lotta crying and working on floating. This year, we only had 2 days of crying (one of which involved me chasing my son up the stairs when he heard the word "swim lessons") and the rest was happy, happy, happy. (Yes, I've been saying that a lot - too much Duck Dynasty on my DVR). 

At any rate, they progressed to almost actual swimming this year - very cool to see. Quinn is definitely a little fish and pushes herself so hard in each lesson. Ryan is a little more chill about his kicking but would get out of the pool each day with a big grin on his face.

They only let you take small snippets of video so here are a few... note: part of the training is for the kids to swim a bit, then know to roll over and float to rest and regain energy to swim for the side again. Q did not care for the floating aspect and rarely made it to the 5 count. She just wanted to swim the length and never come up for air. Something about this doesn't shock me. Ryan was usually more than happy to flip over and rest. No surprise there either.

Anyway, here are the videos and a few pictures from their last day. Another note: I am actually insanely jealous of my son's golden tan. Clearly he didn't inherit his parents' tanning genes - or lack thereof. Must have gotten the grandmas' ability to brown after being in the sun for 2 hours. Second note: Q will only let me put her hair in a pony tail for swim lessons. I wish so much she would let me do it other days - she looks so girly and grown up - it just makes me happy :)

I didn't even prompt them to hug - they just did it. Most days they love each other and it makes my heart so happy to see their bond. Soooo sweet.

Waiting patiently for their turn. Yes, Q insisted on her pink toms prior to the lessons.

Let me in! And are those thigh/calf muscles I see? Time to get that girl into soccer & gymnastics!

Our turn!

See that tan!!!! Lucky boy! Q has had just as much sunscreen and time in the sun, but she got a little of Matt and I's "powder" gene :)

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