Five on Friday

Another Friday brain dump. Short bursts of thought right now is about all I can handle.

<1>  Summer colds. We all (minus Matt of course because he is super human and never gets sick) have summer colds. I was hanging strong until Ryan sneezed in my face approximately 867 times the other day and now I have succumbed. Seriously is there anything worse than not being able to breathe when it's 105 degrees out? I submit not. It's also been a little bit of a bummer because I had all sorts of fun stuff planned for the kids this week - several play/swim dates and back-to-school shopping (ok, that was more for me), but we've pretty much canceled everything. Hopefully they are on the mend today - whoo boy, cranky! This was them yesterday sharing a seat and a banana. Wonder why we all get sick at the same time???

<2> Make up. Yesterday Q decided not to take a nap. Even though she desperately, I mean DESPERATELY, needed one. So did I. At any rate, she stayed up with me and played play doh and puzzles, with the occasional tantrum thrown in. When I went to wake Ryan up from his THREE HOUR nap (for real - y'all can't do that on the same day???), Q apparently abandoned her crafts and tip toed to my bathroom. When I came downstairs and heard quiet, I assumed she had gone to use the potty in my room (she's particular some days). When she still didn't emerge for 5 minutes, I went looking. Someone found Mommy's lipstick and used approximately an entire tube to spread all along her face, eyes, hands, hair, everything. I just stood there for a moment taking it all in. Then I told her whatever she did, DO.NOT.MOVE.OR.TOUCH.ANYTHING. and ran for my camera. 
She did NOT want to have this particular moment documented but I couldn't help myself. hahaha. (What was less funny later was trying to get the lipstick out of her eyes)

Her attempt to hide when she knew she was in trouble.

<3> Back to school. Definitely getting more real now. We got "the call" on the kids' class placement and who their teacher is. I was sad to discover that they broke up a lot of their 2's class (mostly because I had really started to become good friends with several of the moms in there), but they do have their closest friend with them so we are thrilled about that. I actually call them the triplets, all blonde, small, and sweet --- I watched A once a week this past spring so our kids have spent a lot of time together. And then came the shocker (clearly I need to pay more attention) that they no longer break up the kids by "young" and "old" classifications. Which means my tiny ones will be in a class where 4 of the kids will turn FOUR early this fall. OMG. I was a little freaked out until I heard the rest of the class won't turn until late spring 2014 and there are still 2 kids younger than R&Q in the class. June birthdays are just hard! Especially if you are already on the petite side. Anyway, we are looking forward to a great year - one more month! Must get well so we can get in the rest of our fun summer activities.

<4> Lisa & family come to visit. This past weekend we went to Galveston to meet up with my great friend from Dallas. Such fun for all of our families to be together - and the kids are at an age where they can really play together. Her older girls were so sweet with the twins and carried them around everywhere :) We stayed the night with them after a full day at the beach and then came back the next afternoon. Just great to get away for a little while. Then on their way back to Dallas, they stayed with us Monday night and I discovered 2 things: 1. I can cook breakfast and dinner for 10 people, 5 of them children, and have all enjoy it : ) 2. You can totally fit 6 extra people in this house - just takes a little creativity and flexibility. So fun to have them here. Hoping Lis took more pictures than I did, because I have very few. I'll hopefully get them and upload next week. Thanks D family for an awesome time --- we love you guys!

<5> Explaining new clothes purchases. If you are a friend on facebook, then you've probably already seen this post but it's worth mentioning it again:

Me: Dang it, Quinn. You need to learn the art of how mommy explains new clothing/shoes purchase. Daddy got home & she immediately ran to him to show off her NEW (she screamed "NEW SHOES, DADDY, NEW SHOES!) sparkly Toms. I've learned after 10 years to say "What? Oh, these? I've had them in my closet forever. And I got them on sale. For like $20."

Quinn stinks at keeping a secret. Or at least delaying until Mommy can explain said purchase. And truly I could --- they were part of the big Zulily sale and I saved SO much. SO SO much. The biggest problem about Zulily though is their wait time before shipping. I had almost forgot about those dang shoes. And of course they showed up the day after a Nordstroms box arrived for me. So I'm pretty sure the husband just thinks I sit at home with the kids all day and shop online. Fantastic. 

And pretty sure that order had 2 pairs of Toms in it - the other pair should arrive soon. Time to play stalk the UPS guy to grab the package before ummmm hummmm...someone else does.

Happy Friday!

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Ashleyrose said...

Stopping over from 5 on Friday! I hope you guys feel better! Summer colds are never fun. I love Quinn's makeover haha

Claire T said...

Love the shoes story! I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Katie said...

I'm totally the same about packages. The hubs is rarely home when the ups comes bu yet topwo days in row this week he was home & I wasn't when deliveries came, BUSTED. Whoops.