Family Pictures 2013

Oh, how I LOVE picture day - deciding upon coordinating outfits, wrangle toddlers into said clothing, attempt to comb my hair and cover blemishes, and pretend like we are having a wonderful time. :) Needless to say, fall picture time is not my most favorite time of the year. Personally, I cringe thinking about having my picture taken so it's just uncomfortable. Not gonna lie, I usually have a glass of wine to loosen up prior to pictures. (Just one, Mom. I'm not sloppy in your Christmas pictures)

At any rate, it's a must every year because Lord knows if we didn't pay someone to take a pic of the 4 of us, it probably wouldn't happen. This year we got a couple of good family portraits but unfortunately the sun went down really quickly and we weren't able to get good shots of the kids together or individually. I'm so sad about that that, mostly because the kids were actually being really good. Gave me hope that future picture days wouldn't be so terrible. Or that I've learned bribery is the quickest way to a toddler's smile. Must rectify that situation soon. I'm sure R&Q will be thrilled.

 Anyway, here are a few of our favorites:

This is actually our Christmas card picture - I love the colors and look! Everyone is smiling AND looking at the camera! Miracles do happen.

I just think this one is hilarious. Ryan is great at smiling on command and is pretty natural about it. Quinn - well, my little girl is a little more dramatic and either ducks her face into her chest and strikes this little diva shy smile or just won't. Like you can't crack her. It's adorable and incredibly frustrating. Not gonna lie. So I believe this was our attempt to get her to smile naturally. Even Ry was getting in on the action, "Quinnie, say CHEESE!"

Honestly, I have no idea on this picture - I think that Ryan was delirious and being a dinosaur. Quinn kept jumping up and down while smiling which I'm sure the photographer just loved.

I'm totally in love with this one. My 2 handsome boys.

Let's not get too deep but I love this picture and what it represents. My two miracles, who have taken me on a journey (see the path - I know, cheesy) that I never could have expected - or dreamed it would be this good or so much fun. And we've done it all hand in hand. They are my life (along with this guy above and below of course :) Love you, Matty!)

So as much as I cringe getting these pictures done (please tell me I'm not the only one who gets incredibly stressed and frustrated!), I am always thrilled to have captured this moment in time of our lives. I could just cry looking back at our first Christmas pictures as a family of four when the twins were just 6 months old and could barely sit up. Now I can't get them to sit down. Oh, the time... can't go down that rabbit hole because you'll find me in a puddle crying somewhere. 

Merry Christmas, y'all, from our family to yours!

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