There's good news...and then not great news.

First of all, I hate that my little blog has died this fall due to a number of circumstances. Main goal of 2014 is to bring it back to life. But that's here nor there at this moment.

Long story short - Q had her 6 month cardiology check up this past week. It was actually performed on 2 different days, thanks to a 4.5 hr back up in the echo room. So we rescheduled the actual echo for first thing on that Friday morning. She did wonderfully both days - amazing us both with her strength, bravery, and humor. Here's a quick pic:

Our cardiologist told us he would call mid-afternoon Friday with the results --- of course, doctors are human and by 7 I was pretty sure we weren't going to hear anything until Monday. I sent him a little email, something along the lines of "no news is good news?" with a precious little smile emoticon :) . I heard back from him fairly quickly in which he stated everything was "status quo" from her last echo and that he felt ok with seeing her again in 6 months. OUR 6 MONTH  HALL PASS. 

That's what we strive for as heart parents. 

Yet elation was short-lived. Not 45 minutes ago today (Tuesday), I got a follow up phone call from Dr. S. and upon review of the echo, reviewing her age and history, they want to do a repeat heart MRI. It actually is a 3-part MRI and takes upwards of 4 hours and requires for her to be put fully under the entire time. There are a lot of other details in there and what they are looking for specifically but I'll spare you. The main thing is they are checking out the Pulmonary Artery and it's ability to pump blood to the lungs, plus the right side of the heart, PLUS her pulmonary valve.

It was a tremendous shock to receive the call tonight. We know at some point, more intervention is coming. We just don't know when. And that's why we stand on edge with these appointments. Because I don't have the crystal ball that allows me to peek into her heart. 

This may seem a little dramatic for "just an MRI" --- but trust, for a toddler it is not. It's a serious procedure, requiring anesthesia, and all sorts of other concerns. The doctor recommended it for January/February as to not disrupt the holidays. We are ok with that and will likely schedule mid January. Last time she had an MRI, it was horrifying (I literally watched and held my baby's hand as she was put under and her eyes rolled back in her head. Unlike anything I've ever seen). 

Will you pray? Will you pray for this MRI to be completely diagnostic and just keeping tabs on what her heart is doing right now? Will you pray for Quinn to continue to be the brave warrior she has been? Will you (selfishly) pray for me to keep my spirits up? I know people are going through sooo much worse - but I had gone into this 6 month ignorance period and now I feel like I've been hit over the head again. I feel flashbacks to her open-hearts in 2011 and become scared to death.

Whatever the outcome, the God that I know is GOOD. And He is Faithful. And He hears our cries.

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Kendra said...

Praying for you my sweet friend!!! Hugs and love to all four of y'all... especially you and Quinn!!!

Pineapples and Pickles said...

Of course I will pray for you and sweet Quinny! Call me if you need to vent, cry, laugh, or pray together.

Kaella said...
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Ashley Hollas said...

You are always in our prayers! Will keep it up with extra vigor now. As always, we love you & your family. Let us know if you need us for anything!!

Love! Ashley

Kaella said...

Praying for Quinn and your family!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Praying for your sweet, precious girl. Field had to have a sedated MRI and though it was hard, we survived and got through it. Quinn is a tough little girl and I know she will do great. Hug her from Mr. Field. We love y'all! xoxo