Just the Twins - Pictures 2013

As I mentioned during my 2013 Family Pictures post, we really didn't get any great pictures of the kids individually or even a great one of them together. By the time I got the family pictures I wanted, the sun was quickly going down and the light wasn't great. So EARLY this past Monday, I dressed up the kids again (they were THRILLED), to take pictures in 38 degree temperatures as a surprise for Daddy. I ended up having to ruin the surprise last night because of a surprise he was doing for his mom, so I had to show him the pictures. 

I am so glad they turned out well --- I just can't believe how grown up they look. Quinn's hair has actual curls - curls, people. This is a big deal. Most of it fell by the end of the shoot but it still looked cute. Ry Guy needs a little hair cut but his baby blues kill me. As we were looking at them last night, Matt turned to me and said, "Gosh, can you imagine what they are going to look like in a few more years?" AGHHHH, no, and pass the Bailey's. Cheers to you all and my little ones. Or not so little.

I mean, really. Is she 13????

Pointing out a truck driving down the street. What-ev. It's cute.

Yeah... this was at the end of the shoot. They were DONE.

They really look like twins here!

Merry Christmas from our "Clan" to yours!

In Him,

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