7 Things I love about being a Dad {Houston Moms Blog}

For two weeks, the DADS are taking over Houston Moms Blog! If you aren't already, you definitely want to follow along this series. It will make you laugh and cry, and most of all, make you super appreciative of all the wonderful dads in Houston. Matt's post went up yesterday and I loved every.single.word. Seriously. He blew me away. Thank you, babe, for being willing to post and share! You are the best husband and father ever! Here's just a sample of his top 7:

4. Baby wipes are the bomb.
If there is one thing I won’t and did not skimp on, it was baby wipes {diapers too, but not my point here}.  Never would I ever think that such a simple, moist, square shaped towel would be capable of so much.  Baby poop on a baby bottom…baby wipe.  Ketchup on a t-shirt…baby wipe. Milk stain on a couch…baby wipe.  Booger-crusted nose {mine or my kids}…baby wipe.  And, these things are dirt cheap.  Why spend five-bucks on a tube of Clorox wipes for your kitchen when you can spend $11 on a GIANT BOX of baby wipes. And thank you, Amazon Prime. {Keep reading here....}

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