On Your 4th Birthday

Dear Ryan & Quinn,

I've had to stop myself so many times today to write this post... mostly because it doesn't seem real. TODAY YOU ARE FOUR YEARS OLD. Bless. Yes, I know the days are long, the years are short (yada, yada) but it's true. It seems like just yesterday that I was holding two newborns in my arms. Yet, when I look back over the blog from your first two to three years, it's already a blur. How is that possible???

This much I know is true: God blessed your Daddy and Me times infinity with the absolute privilege to raise you. You are both precious beyond measure and we don't remember a time when you weren't in our lives. (Except when we are trying to find a babysitter for a date night ;) )

I don't want to make this too lengthy, for I fear words will fail me and tears will fall ferociously.

Ry, let's start with you.

What can I say, little man (you hate that, sorry - BIG man)? You light up my days. Your expressions are out of this world. You are a negotiator. You are a people pleaser. You haven't met anyone you don't like. Thus, "The Mayor" title. You remember all of your friends and their special characteristics in your prayers each night. You wake up happy. You (mostly) go to bed happy. If you could subsist on beige foods only, you would be happy. Except edamame. You love some edamame. You have a big obsession with all things Ninja Turtles these days, which I don't totally understand, but your daddy is pleased. You love playing outside, playing soccer, throwing any sort of ball (and your arm is dead on, son). You are also a little bit scary smart. Just when I think you aren't paying attention, you'll throw a curve ball. You starting writing your name out of nowhere. Gahhh, you are finally potty trained (you're welcome for that piece of info 14 years from now), you pick out your own clothes, dress yourself, and amazingly you match most of the time. You beg for "one more this, and one more that"... and most often I cave. I can't help myself. You are smart, you are lovable, but at the same time, becoming all boy - wiping off your lips as soon as you ask for a kiss :) You are such a good brother and are the first to say "I'm sorry!" in the heat of battle. You still love your cars and trains and anything that moves or makes noise. You also have the attention span of a 16 year old boy. Seriously, scary. I could probably leave you in front of the tv all day and you wouldn't move. Yikes! But at the same time, you are taking in so much and you love to leave the house and go our next adventure. Ry Guy, my love for you is unsurpassed. I could not have asked God to bless me with a better son. I love you so much. Thank you for 4 wonderful years. 

Oh, my Quinn. You are one of a kind. You are the sweetest, kind-hearted little girl I know. You want people to be happy. You want to serve others. You clean up the playroom without asking (for real). You love quality time - you NEED/CRAVE people at all times, if nothing but to rub your back or telling you are doing a good job. You love God. You are tremendously smart. Your memory freaks me out. You can remember what you wore to a birthday party a year and a half ago, and although it fits, you don't want to wear it because "Mommy, that's xxx's birthday party outfit. I need something else!" You are all girl. You change 3-4 times per day. I'm thankful that my washer is still functioning. You love nothing more than a dress and leggings with either a bow, braid, or pigtails. Nothing else suffices. You abhor jeans and will only wear shorts when it's really hot or gymnastics time. Speaking of the gym, you LOVE it. I had no doubt. You were meant to swing from every bar, jump every obstacle, and do forward rolls until you are dizzy. Quinn, not gonna lie - you can sometimes be drama but as we teeter on the brink between three and four, you are WAY more in control of your emotions than you were even 6 months ago. Time outs are a rarity now - but when they happen, they are for just cause :)  Most of the time, you act like the big sister. You like to be in control and direct the antics in the house. Ryan follows for the most part, lucky you :) You love princesses, dressing up, anything girly - but at the same time, you aren't afraid to get a little messy, swing a little higher, sweat a little more. You are, and have always been, a fighter, in the best sense of the word. Your health is great and we praise God for every day we have with you.Quinn, I love you so much. You are my heart.

Oh, my babies. You hate that word, actually. Babies. But you are. And you always will be. Yes, I suppose you are my "big kids" now, although that is a bit of a tough pill to swallow at the moment. Four. Four. Yikes and yes. We are having so much fun these days and I love to have full-on meaningful conversations with you.
Just today, we were in the car and suddenly starting talking about the sign for "Grandpa", which led to "where is Grandpa?", which led to "Where is Heaven and why can't I reach Jesus?", which after much conversation, finally ended with "Mommy, did you know Triceratops has two horns?". Ha. Only from the brains of toddlers. Or should I say kids now? I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

Y'all are the light of our lives. Keep shining. Don't let anyone or anything dim the spirit you have because it is so darned beautiful. We love you - more than you can even imagine or fathom. 

All our love and Happy Birthday my sweet and crazy 4 year olds, 

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Eugenie said...

Such a great celebration of two very special little ones! I love the way you are able to capture their personalities and how special these post will be to them years from now!
Love ya'll so much! Mom