Four Year Old Pictures

Oh, my poor blog. So neglected. At any rate, we took 4 year pictures a few weeks ago with my sweet friend, Kendra (a little early - twins turn on Tuesday, aghhhhh). She has taken the twin's pictures since the day they were born... literally. She is moving to South Carolina soon and I knew I just had to have her capture R&Q for this milestone. Kendra, we love you and we will miss you guys soooo much. Hopefully this won't be the last time the kiddos are in front of your camera. You did such an amazing job. Sorry about the picture overload --- I have 160+ to choose from! Ha! Editing these pictures was truly a labor of love. Visit www.kendramartinphotography.com to see more of Kendra's pictures! 

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KatiePerk said...

Such beautiful babies! I am your partner for the scarf swap!