Mr. & Mrs. Dugan Visit H-Town

So this past weekend we had the awesome privilege of hosting Adam & Lisa - our great friends from Dallas! Since we've lived in Houston, I don't think we've had anyone other than family come and stay with us - why is that? I'm thinking it's b/c Houston isn't just the hotbed of activity and who would want to leave the relative comfortable humidity levels of Austin/Dallas/etc & visit the sauna that is our city. I don't blame them.

But anyways, Adam & Lisa dropped off their beautiful girls at Lisa's parents (a HUGE thank you btw to Mr. & Mrs. Brooks for watching them ALL weekend so we could spend adult time!) and made their way down here.

They were able to leave the traffic that is Dallas rush-hour a little early so we were able to go out to eat with them to Lupe's Tortillas - a fantastic place with the most amazing, you guessed it, tortillas! We went to the original one - which is 10x better than the newer one in Sugar Land and had cocktails, dinner and shared laughs until well after 10:30pm. (Oh and Lupe's actually CLOSES at 10pm on a Friday night, what is that all about?? We actually shut it down).

Here's us at Lupe's - post-dinner/happy & full :)

After dinner, we headed back to our place where Adam & Matt headed straight to the video games & Lisa and I headed straight for girl-talk :) It was awesome. As much as I love Houston and all my friends here, there is something about connecting with your friends who have known you for years (and I mean YEARS - at least 16 at last count - since 6th grade!). So Lis has seen me through all sorts of stages, the awkward teenage years, the crazier college years, the married years (in fact - she & Adam basically introduced Matt & I - but that's a whole other story for a whole other blog). But she has been a ROCK to me, especially this past year as we've been going through all of our fertility stuff and I am so thankful for her friendship.

Side Note: In this picture I look preggers. I am in fact, NOT! It's the dress. Everything I buy now has a flowy feel to it for the "just in case"!

Saturday we decided to make it a "girls day" - the boys went to go shoot guns and be manly & we went in for pedicures, lady's lunch & some shopping. But we were very responsible & only got 1 or 2 things each - seriously! Then it was nap-time (I had been fighting a horrible infection for a couple of days so I was worn out!)
After naptime, we decided to hit up this neat place down in the Montrose area called Vincent & Nino's - it's actually a collection of 3 different Italian places to eat it & it was delicious. I think our waiter was a little frustrated with us b/c we barely took time to stop talking to actually order but we were not in a hurry! Nothing I hate more than feeling rushed through a nice dinner like I am at Chili's (Unless I am at Chili's and then they should be as speedy as possible! ha!) Lisa won the prize for best dinner though - she stepped out there and got the sea bass special and it was spectacular.
After we finished dinner & harrassing other patrons to take endless amounts of photos of us, we finally headed home and where to next --- you guessed it - Sonic!!! Seriously, would we take our friends to any other higher class establishment. This time, since we had indulged in a couple of pretty large dinners and a few cocktails, we decided to hit up the "lighter side" of Sonic that is their bite-size candy $1.00 Sundaes. Apparently, it's what Lisa orders her daughter Grace when she goes to Sonic. I really didn't realize just how tiny it would be - seriously, it could have been a $.50 sundae. But that's where I think Americans have portion control all out of whack because honestly after I finished that tiny little ice cream delight, I was.... satisfied! Imagine that! Satisfied and not overly stuffed - what a concept! Anyways, we of course wrapped up the evening talking some more & watching the boys play Guitar Hero (or was that in the afternoon they played that? I can't remember). Then bedtime.
Woke up the next morning & Lisa went for her second jog of the weekend - what a trooper! Had I not been all stuffy & coughing I would have joined her (or at least I say that - I am not an early morning runner - but all props to her). Matt had to leave to go help set up church so then I got showered extra early so we could all hang some more. Lisa and I believe carried on a 15-20 minute conversation about hair & straightening & cutting techniques. I believe Adam just rolled his eyes while he sat on the couch :) Girls will be girls! Anyways, then it was finally time for them to depart and for me to get my behind to church.

Thanks for coming to visit, y'all! It was a GREAT weekend - and as far as I am concerned, needs to be a yearly tradition - if we can bribe your parents to keep the kiddos. Or who knows, maybe in 2 years, I'll have my own and then you can just bring the whole tribe & we can have a CRAZY weekend of toddler fun :) Love you guys & thanks for your friendship!


Lisa said...

Awwwww.... we had a blast too!! We are so blessed to have great friends like you guys. And yes lets make it yearly and yea we might have to bring those kiddos. Maybe we could do destinations though... Disney World here we come :)

Mimi said...

What a fun time!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Good luck in your journey. I will be here for support any time you need me! I've been through two IVF's! I think I can answer some questions! LOL


Hope said...

I love Lupes! Good luck with everything!

twondra said...

Hey sweetie! Here from Kami's blog. I hope it's okay I continue to follow you. :) I've been through IVF and I know how scary and overwhelming it can be. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

I'll be thinking of you!! ((HUGS))