A Shared Love

So when my friend Lisa came in town & we had an opportunity to do a little shopping, we hit up Ann Taylor Loft - one of my favorites. A favorite b/c it has pretty inexpensive stuff, cute little summer dresses & lots of little tops that are perfect for hot & humid H-town weekends. It's the not the fanciest or the most trendy stuff out there - but then again, I am not a real fancy or trendy-type girl. More of a classic dresser I would say - when I am not spending my days in ball caps and running shorts.

Anyways, the one thing I purchased was this really cute sundress - in totally not my usual colors (I am more of a black than a brown person) but it was so cozy & comfortable (plus it has that extra breathing room for the "just in case preggers belly" that most of my purchases recently have been based on. So when hubby and I had our date night last weekend, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to break it out. See below.

(and please excuse my hair in these past couple of posts - I am in DESPERATE need of a new style/cut & color but my hairstylist had surgery & is out for at least the next month so it's ponytail city for me. But it's also an opportunity for me to finally try to grow out my hair - at least my poor bang decision of last summer is finally starting to reverse itself so things could be worse. Miss Becky, hope you are feeling better & hurry back SOON!!!)
So imagine my surprise when we got home from said date night - I popped open my People mag & saw this picture (and yes, I do realize that I said I wasn't going to read anymore articles about them, but does looking at pictures count?) I immediately looked down & compared. Yup, that's Kate wearing the latest Ann Taylor Loft fashion. And in fact, a lot of her pics as of recently are resembling my purchases from there.

Yikes! Haven't decided how I feel about this yet. I guess it's cool that apparently she has millions and apparently still somewhat shops on a budget. I'm pretty bummed b/c she ummm, how do I say this - definitely fills out the upper portion of the dress better than I do (well 9 years ago I would have kicked her butt - but that's a whole other story for a whole other blog!) and she's wayyyyy tan. Hmm, but maybe too tan? Or maybe I am just jealous because I am stark white this summer.
But the thing is - I've decided recently I am not a fan. The more I watched old re-runs of the show & saw how she treated just about everyone including her husband - well, yuck!!
So, now that we dress the same - if I start giving "love taps" to Matt (ie: slapping the crap out of my husband in what she calls an affectionate matter) or eating strictly organic or freaking out on every spilled crumb - someone please stop me!!!


Amy said...

Oh I have to admit, I still love Kate. But I love Kate and Jon, together. I'm not coping well with this split. I just want them to be the happy couple that went to Mexico and Hawaii together. I just want it all to be ok. Booooooo hoooooo! I even had a dream about it last night. It's possible that I might be psycho.

Lisa said...

You crack me up!

What I noticed in the picture is that Hannah (I think its Hannah...) is wearing a dress that Grace has. In fact I've noticed several of the outfits the girls have so do Grace and Emma. All from Gymboree... I actually told myself maybe I shouldn't shop at Gymboree anymore b/c if she can afford that then I certainly can't!

I do love the dress on you though. And I actually like your hair! Maybe I'm just jealous b/ I'm trying to grow mine out?!

Mimi said...

How funny!! At this point, burn the dress!! No kidding! I am not a fan at all anymore either. SHe is really something and honestly, he isn't the brightest tool in the shed either!