8 weeks and counting!

I was officially 8 weeks on Saturday. This time seems to be passing soooo slow but everyone tells me it will start to speed by and I sure hope so! I had yet another probe, I mean ultrasound, today and all still looks good. Babies are measuring great. I cannot believe how much they have grown in just a week. While I wish we hadn't had to go through the infertility process obviously, there is definitely something truly amazing about being able to watch my kiddos grow week by week like this!

Here's our latest picture of the M&M's. They are kidney beans this week!

I realize they kinda just look like blobs at the moment but I happen to think they are the cutest blobs ever!

I'm still feeling okay -- I don't want to get my hopes up but I think I may be out of the danger zone for experiencing true morning/day/night sickness. What a blessing. However, I think your body is going to get you one way or another so I have had relentless migraines for the past 2 weeks. I would almost rather be puking daily than to have a near-constant headache that completely debilitates me. The migraines were just laughing the face of the extra-strength Tylenol so my OB finally called in a prescription for Tylenol 3 - which is Tylenol with codeine. That kinda takes the edge off but it's not a cure to say the very least. I just pray that these will disappear in a few weeks once I am beyond my first trimester.

I definitely am having symptoms of pregnancy brain. I start talking and I swear, insane gibberish just pops out of my mouth - or I will mean to say one word and completely say the opposite. It's like having a stroke and Turret's all in one amazing combination. Quite fascinating. I am also super clumsy and my hips and arms have the bruises to prove it. I can't seem to make sharp turns and twice have run into the wall outside my office rushing to answer the phone or something. Cute.

Today I was in the doctor's office and I was talking with the receptionist, and when I turned to walk away, I ran smack into the wall. Yeah, that wasn't embarrassing in front of a room full of patients.

I don't know if the clumsiness is pregnancy related at all but I'm going to go ahead and claim it.

I will say that I probably have the most patient and understanding husband. Not only does he hear me complain about migraines and other aches and pains when he gets home but he's also dealing with my finnicky food selections. I was all set to cook tacos tonight having braved the grocery store yesterday afternoon -- but of course, tonight rolled around, I had a horrible headache and tacos was the very last thing that sounded good to me. So he settled in with a bowl of cornflakes while I opted for Subway. So much for family dinners.

One of the most annoying and perplexing things about what sounds good to eat is my lack of desire to eat anything in my house for lunch. I can make it through breakfast, but by the time lunch rolls around, I absolutely cannot stand the idea of having anything from my pantry, fridge or freezer. So I usually try to plan my errands around that time so I can hit one of a few different favorite sandwich places on my way home. It all takes careful planning and preciseness because if I run even 15 minutes behind on my lunch time, I am in dangerous territory - then the nausea comes full on along with the crankiness, and then I just feel sorry for the poor, underpaid workers behind the counter.

My patience as of recently is at an all-time low. I never was the most patient person to begin with, but now I feel myself burning up with rage over the littlest things. It was truly tested at the mall on Saturday as I dealt with all of the newly minted sales associates for the holiday season. After that little trip 'o fun, I came home and have since sworn off shopping until after Christmas. I promptly completed all of my holiday shopping with as little human interaction as possible -- just me, my computer, the internet and my credit card. Best thing I've ever done for myself. Now if I can just convince Matt that we should grocery shop that way too.

We are all still reeling over here from the news of last week regarding Matt's Dad. It just seems so unfair - but none of us are immune from the evils of cancer. We are trying to stay as positive as possible in light of this terrible development. While the news is horrible, we feel amazingly grateful that we have these little M&M's with us - they are a ray of light and source of hope for us all. My goal is to try to remain as calm as possible and do my best to take care of me and the kiddos. That sounds a little bit selfish, but if something were to happen to the babies at this point with everything else going on --- well, I just don't know how we could handle it.

So we continue to pray for both of his parents to be healed and appreciate the many prayers you all have already lifted up. We will keep you posted. Right now, the most immediate prayer request is to prepare Dave for a surgery he will have next Tuesday to put in a shunt that should help him with his digestion issues. We pray that everything goes smoothly and that it will bring him a measure of relief. After that, it looks like he will be coming to MD Anderson the following week -- we should hear tomorrow for sure what day. If all goes as planned, he will be here for the duration - although we still don't know exactly what that looks like yet.

We hope and pray that you all have wonderful Thanksgivings with your family and friends. We feel blessed to see both of our families this year -- Matt's on Thanksgiving Day and then mine on Black Friday. Yay - shopping with mommy! I haven't seen her or my brother and his wife since I got pregnant, so I am so excited to spend time with them - and have them tell me honestly if I look fat or pregnant :) ha. I hope to take some pictures this week and a little belly shot as well. I may have to do a comparison shot so you can tell the difference, but there is an obvious little hard bump there - and I can tell - or at least my jeans can for sure. Here's hoping that they don't button after this week of crazy eating. Bring on the pie!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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