Does anyone have a chair???

Cause I think I might pass out. That would be two little babies. Truly M&M's.

More later when I can talk.

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L said...

Congratulations! My sister had twins, and it's been so much fun. Though they used to tag team Rykert and I when they were babies.

Ellie said...

I am so excited for y'all! Rest as much as you can now!!!

Lisa said...

Holy Bejeezus!!! Twins!!!!! I guess it worked alright...time for Grandma to move to Houston!

Lisa said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!! I can't wait... now to start thinking of names - you totally have to "M" names now. Corny maybe - but perfect! So excited for you two. love you!!

Johnson Family said...

Meagan and Matt,

Ash or Jes gave me your blog address, hope you don't mind. I am truly excited for you two. What a blessing! You two will be wonderful parents to these two precious miracles. Congratulations and please know that Nick and I will be praying for you 4 and for a healthy pregnancy.


Lindsay said...

Found you through Lisa's blog.
I wanted to tell you CONGRATULATIONS, what a blessing. I'm jealous, I have always wanted twins! So fun! Have a great week...you know when you recover from the shock and all!!!

Michele said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Fantastic!!! So HAPPY for you!!!

Anonymous said...

So incredibly wonderful!! I couldn't be more happy for you both. Don't stress...just remeber you have an abundant amount of friends ready to help you out in anyway you could possibly need!



Anonymous said...

Holy moly! Congratulations!!!

I can't wait to follow your journey...currently deciding whether to transfer one or two embies in our next IVF cycle (#3).

Hope said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Such exciting news. Congrats!!!!!

Amy said...

I KNEW IT!!!! Did I call it a few posts back or what!!! I can't wait!