I'm a walking cliche

So I have become a walking cliche for pregnancy (ughhh - and I can't figure out how to put the little accent of the "e", so just pretend it's there). I always giggled a bit when you would hear these outrageous cravings and strange aversions. Always thought that person was lacking a little in the self-control department.

Turns out I am that person.

I really don't know how my body is already having so many of these symptoms. It seems so early. But I know everyone is different. And if one more person tells me that I won't need maternity until 4 or 5 months, I'm going to throw a shoe at them. My jeans are already tighter than they were on Monday (I know, pathetic that I haven't worn "real" pants in 5 days) --- and I don't have the dryer to blame it on. And I can't blame it on weight gain cause I really haven't gained a pound yet. It's just like my hips or something are spreading. Awesome.

The other day I was mindlessly walking through the grocery (our NEW Kroger Marketplace - whoo hoo, the excitement!!!) talking to my friend on the phone. Totally engrossed in our conversation and not paying attention to what I was throwing in my cart. If it sounded good or looked good, it went in.

I hung up with my friend, proceeded to check-out, and started unloading my cart.

Oh, the horror - I just sat there and stared at what I had picked up without even really recognizing it. On the belt was the following:

2 kinds of pork chops because I couldn't decide which ones looked better

1 package of chicken in case the pork did not sound good

1 LARGE jar of dill pickles

Gingerbread cake mix

2 containers of Blue Bell ice cream because again the decision-making proved too challenging

Ice cream sandwiches

2 pregnancy magazines

Oh my word.

And the other night I finally decided I was ready to get back in the cooking game. So I hit up my Food Network mag, found what I thought would be a great recipe and went to work on it. About halfway through I was having doubts. By the time I served it up, I just couldn't stomach the thought of eating it and sat there miserably until my wonderful husband offered to go to Subway for me (hey, our fine dining options are limited out in the 'burbs and their new Buffalo chicken is pretty darn good)

I am a freaking pregnancy cliche. Everything I used to laugh at, I am not. Payback is awesome.

I really wish I had other stories to tell (and I know I keep saying that - I really need a hobby!) but honestly I have been too bone dead tired to go anywhere or really do anything outside the occasional lunch or dinner with Matt or a friend. It's all I can do to prop my head up at work right now. And working from home can be an axis of evil when you're pregnant. My bed taunts me all day long and it takes all the power I have to resist it every hour, on the hour.

The other news for today: My levels are now a 2965 - right on track. Praise God! I was soooo nervous for some reason this afternoon before I got the call. I just kept thinking that something could go wrong and then what would I do? I know that it's still extremely early and if I had been able to get preggers naturally, I probably wouldn't be so apt to share the news with everyone so early. Oh well, I just can't keep my mouth shut :) The other good news is that they moved up my ultrasound from Weds to Monday because with my levels, they feel like we definitely should be able to see something Monday. I'm not going to argue with that!!! So in just a few days we will see if we have one little bean or two. CRAZY!!! I'm still totally adjusting to the fact that we may be parents - parents of twins may send me over the edge. ha.

Thank you all for your sweet comments, emails, and phone calls. I feel like the luckiest girl alive right now. And now, I must leave you - my stomach is growling and I am growing faint. After all, it's been a full 3 or 4 hours since I last ate!

Have a great Halloween weekend!

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Lisa said...

I can't wait to see what you write about when you are big preggo! Thanks for sharing so much. I love it!!