An Unexpected Twist to Church Services

I passed out cold at church today. Awesome. For those who have weak stomachs, you may want to just move on from this post and go visit people.com or something. But apparently the meds are getting the best of me. I have been fighting migraines for a few days now ever since I started the meds. They seem to hit around 9am -10amish and last until 4:00ish and then I rally like a warrior.

This morning we had a new and unexpected twist. I woke up, felt great after having slept from about 11:00pm after the party until about 7:45. In fact, I was sleeping so soundly that my alarmed blared about 4x before Matt came in and told me to get up. Apparently I was having a dream that I was back working at hell.on.earth. (I mean, the bank) and my clients were trying to get in touch with me and my phone kept ringing and ringing and I was so agitated in my dream. Well, obviously that was the alarm.

Anyway, woke up, felt good, ate breakfast, walked to throw away the remnants and puked right in the sink. 5 times. No more breakfast.

After that, I felt decent, so I went to go shower for church and get ready - in the midst of my getting ready, I started feeling yucky and hungry so I ate some toast and all was ok except for a horrible pain on my left side (which now I attribute to swelling of my left ovary).

Got to church relatively on time. Actually got to sit with my husband for the first time in 6 months (he runs the projector and AV equipment during service, so I am usually a "church widow"). Last thing I remember is singing and closing my eyes to "Sweet sweet song", grabbing Matt's hand, and then apparently passed out cold to my left (where he was, thank goodness) - he caught most of the fall, but I still have a lovely lump on the back of my head.

Diagnosis per nurse: meds are now fully in my system. Known to cause nausea (duh!), headaches and the like. Combo little food in my system, to the concentration of meds, to the fact that the church AC was out - bam, Meagan out cold.

Feeling better now. Took a 4 hour nap & was able to keep down dinner. So far. Victory.

Now I am going to go inject myself again. She gave me the option if I felt like it to skip the meds tonight. Ummmm, no thanks. Let's get through this last 6 days or so (prayerfully) as quickly as possible. If I have to puke and pass out, then I am going to do it. No waiting. We have waited long enough.

Did I mention is was Matt's birthday today? On his birthday, he had to hoist his wife and carry me out of church, probably with my granny panties hanging out my jeans - spend the day making sure I was ok. Me...Wife of the Year award, seriously.

Although I think I slightly redeemed myself with his favorite meatloaf and mashed potato dinner. Hopefully.

Happy 30th Birthday, baby. Hopefully, we can make you a Daddy at 30.

In His Hands,

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