The Great Egg Hunt '09, Part I

The Great Egg Hunt '09 commenced this morning @ 8am. I am exhausted and a little drugged up still, so I will make this relatively brief. After a semi freak-out last night and being completely stressed about the process (which prompted a 10pm call to my pastor for prayer), I woke up this morning completely at peace with the situation. Just totally gave it to God and it felt so good to turn over those reigns that I generally clutch onto way too tight.

This was probably the least anxious I have been about any procedure/surgery that I have ever had & what an amazing feeling! Both of my nurses were AWESOME and took amazing care of me, all while keeping the mood light. Couldn't have been better except the first nurse tried to start my IV and blew the vein causing some undue agony (but she was so sweet about it, so I wasn't upset at all) and she sent in her co-worker to get it started on my other hand. I do have to wonder why on earth does every hospital not do a little local when they start an IV like that?! I had that done a couple of times when I had prior surgeries and it made all the difference in the world!

(In other nurse news: Eleanor is outta there. I don't know many details - but I apparently was not the first or the last patient that experienced something similar. I generally never would wish unemployment on anyone, but she needs to be in a field where patients live's are not in her hands! The End. Bye bye Ellie.)

The only other thing that was slightly a bummer but turned out ok - my dr was actually on vacation. I think my nurse didn't want to tell me b/c she knows my tendency to freak out about little things. However, he left my case in the trusted hands of one of his colleagues & I found out yesterday so I had a chance to read up on him a little bit, ya know - just to make sure. Anyway, he was a honor undergrad student from Harvard and an honor med school grad from UT. Hook 'em. And he ended up being just as great - and quite funny, too.

Ok, so enough with the stories - they took me back, last thing I remember was saying, "Man, I am feeling that already" and it was zzzzzzzz time for Meg.

Woke up to find out very good news. 13 eggs retrieved as predicted. All looked healthy and most were of really good size, save for a couple that were on the slightly smaller end of the scale. But there were no "throwaways" as they call 'em and on first glance, appeared really really good.

So tomorrow we will get "the call" about how many have fertilized. I don't want to get my hopes up because I know anything can happen and perhaps none will fertilize. There is always that possibility. But deep in my heart, I am hoping and praying for at least 8-9 so we will have a good chance of several making it to blasts and maybe even having some to freeze just in case. But I know by talking to a lot of people that from 13, the numbers will just continue to drop and drop. That's just statistics of IVF.

Unless you are like my other friend who must be a superhero and after having a huge "Egg Hunt" had every swinging one of hers fertilize and was even able to freeze a large majority! That's pretty incredible but I know it is also rare. I have a little case of egg envy of her :) ha.

But all in all, God was great today. I was in quite a bit of pain earlier but am starting to feel better - and thank goodness b/c LSU vs Florida starts in less than an hour and I need to get my game face on. Suffice it to say that I won't be leaping about and yelling as is my normal gametime antics - but I will be conscious for it. I think actually Matt is sort of glad I am partially under the influence b/c I think I actually embarrass him most of the time with my rants. Blame it on genetics. I got the obnoxiousness from my Dad. Can't help it.

So anyway, we will wait for tomorrow and "the call" & I will give you guys an update. Thank you for your prayers. They are being heard. The complete and total peace I experienced today is the obvious example of that. Will you join me in praying tonight as our little embroyos come together to make hopefully what will be part of our future Clanahan fam?

Love & prayers to you all,

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Eugenie said...

Good Sunday Morniing---
Hope you can feel my thoughts and prayers this morning! I am thinking there will be great news for you and Matt!
Love and Hugs, Mom