Bring on Petri!

Got "the call" this afternoon. We are ready to go lay some eggs - I mean, retrieve - Saturday at 8am. Honestly, I can't quite believe it all happened so fast. Apparently my ovaries really really liked Menopur, Ganirelix and Gonal-F because I am 2 days ahead of schedule. Who knew?

Well, my ovaries may have liked it, but the rest of my body hasn't been a huge fan. Especially the last 2 days. I feel pretty rotten to be honest. Lots of headaches, stomach aches and all sorts of other pleasant things. I get hungry, but then I am so bloated that I feel like I can't eat a ton. And when I can't eat, I get cranky! Just ask Matt.

I will say I feel pretty lucky though. All my doctor's appointments went so smoothly and everything looks GREAT. I haven't gained any weight yet like I had feared, nor did my skin break out like crazy. I did however, have an unsightly pooch pop up on my tummy last night after my last round of shots. It almost looks like a little pregger belly, which both makes me happy and messes with my mind cause I know it's just a whole lot of eggies in there and not an actual baby.

Hopefully soon there will be.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering - "Petri" is what we call the potential baby right now. It came from one goofy staff meeting where my boss was trying to understand what was going on and I told him that my baby was going to be made in a petri dish like a biology experiment and somehow we just coined the phrase "Petri". So, this morning at staff meeting, there was "Prayer for Petri". He is going to baptize that child and call him/her Petri, I just know it. It won't matter if we have the best, most super cool name - he will always be Petri in my pastor's heart.)

Tonight we trigger at 8:30pm sharp and Matt has the pleasure of giving me my first shot in the ass. I am sure he can't wait to get home and do that. He was shown last week how and where to do it so I think he feels prepared. Plus, he keeps grabbing my butt and when I ask why - he just says with this really innocent look on his face, "Just making sure I know where the shot needs to go. I don't want to forget."

Ummm yeah. He's just trying to cop a feel. I feel so cheap. ha.

So here are some stats. I don't understand them all but according to my doctor and nurse, they could not have been more pleased with the way the cycle progressed. Picture perfect or something.

My estrogen levels started at 37 (I don't know what measurement they use).

Today, they were at 2347.

I'm lucky I am not a huge puddle of tears on the floor right now.

Baseline ultrasound last Weds (9.30), I had b/w 8-9 follicles on my left and 9-10 on my right.

Today (10.8), I had 8 measurable on my right (5 big and 3 smaller) and 5 HUGE ones on my left. Honestly, I think the main reason they decided not to push it another day is b/c my left side is so big. They probably could have waited another day to give my right smaller ones time to pop up some more but then my left ones could have gotten too big. It's a balancing act. Is anyone surprised that I am unbalanced as usual? I'm not.

Emotional Stats:

Surprisingly, I have had very few meltdowns. I cried yesterday on my way to my doctor's appointment b/c a song came on KSBJ that just touched me. I received an email from an old friend just saying hi and I started crying at that. I found out that another childhood friend of mine had a baby recently - and that hers was an invitro miracle. So I cried again.

But other than that, pretty stable. No blow-outs to speak of with the hubby and I think he has been somewhat shocked that there have been less tears than anticipated. He stocked up on Kleenex this week just in case but alas, there has been no need.

I feel pretty good about Saturday. We've done the best we can. I gave my shots as I've been supposed to. I've been probed with a wand more times than I care to admit. I've taken my vitamins and folic acid. I've tried to take care of my body. I've just simply done my best.

Now, it's the doctor's turn. Time for him to do his job and make some babies.

And ultimately, it's God's turn - this is all in His trusty hands. I turn it all over to Him. Let His Will be done.

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet emails. Will update you after retrieval when we find out how many hatched and how many fertilized. Oh, in case you were wondering - I have requested a new charge nurse for Saturday :) See Eleanor.

In His mighty grip,

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Lisa said...

We are praying for Petrie!!! We love you guys and know everything will work as it should. Take it easy and tell Matt goodluck with the first of many butt shots. I can't wait to hear the news!! Tell Matt the aggies will have to try and pull a win without him (right). We love you guys!

Amy said...

Yay!!! Clanahan baby(ies)!! Go Petri! I love it.... Sounds like God is already all over this, so exciting!! Love you two (tree), praying hard!

Mimi said...

Praying super hard for you and hubby. "Petri" is perfect. What if there are two though? You'll have to think of something else. LOL

With your estrogen level, for every 200, you have a mature egg. So, it looks like you may have 11 or 12 mature eggs. They will most likely pull more out but not all will be mature. At least, that is the case with most IVF patients.

Right now you are either being prepped or have been retrieved. Praying so hard for you. God is so good. Keep leaning on him during this cycle. He does amazing things!