The Great Egg Hunt, Part II

Just got the call from the doctor.

Out of the 13, 10 were mature.

Out of those 10, NINE fertilized!

Day 5 Transfer set for Thursday morning.

Could not have asked for better news this morning based upon the reports yesterday.

One step at a time, but we are marching forward.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Hard to imagine that Matt and I may have our little babies laying in an incubator somewhere in a lab in H-town. Kind of blows my mind. Trying not to get too pumped up because I know statistically that not all of those are going to make it to be supermarket fresh Grade A's - but praying praying praying that at least a couple of them do.

Hurry up Thursday!

Love to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Meagan and Matt, I found your blog through Jennifer's. What a journey! Praying for you all and that you will have your babies soon! I've enjoyed reading about your journey.

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH CLANAHAN BABIES IN A PETRI DISH!!! Meagan I'm so excited for yall!!! This is wonderful, yay! Do we determine on Thursday how many to implant is that how it works? THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS, you're an inspriation! Soon, dear friend, very soon :-)