Matty Turns 30!!!

Please forgive me - there is an actual post underneath this - but I don't have the patience or the energy to put these pics in actual order. So just use your imagination :)
Matt with his Birthday "Tray" from Perry's Steakhouse. He did not leave behind a morsel.

Matt & I celebrating his 30th and my mom's XXth. :)

Mother and daughter
Blowing out the candles. I don't know why I felt inclined to help him with that one little flame.

Gig 'Em Ags! Our neighbor Ryan (former student '99) and friend Greg (former student '98)

Some of my girls! Our neighbor Kim, me, Kendra, and Nathalie

The spread. We thought we had a lot of food but we barely had leftovers!

Matt & I with the cake. That thing was h.e.a.v.y. It probably had 10lbs of fondant on it. But it sure was cute :)

Mommy & daughter again. She's so cute.

Couldn't resist picking up these plates. My mom actually gave me the napkins a couple of years ago and I have been waiting for the right occasion - and then I found the plates at Swoozies, my little party heaven on earth.

So in the midst of all the fertility "stuff", my wonderful husband turned the big 3-0!!! We usually don't make a big deal out of birthdays anymore --- usually just enjoy a nice dinner out and maybe an exchange of a gift or 2 (mostly clothes for both of us - and Matt usually does a heck of a job of picking out cute ones for me - go figure! But he plays it safe - Ann Taylor Loft or White House/Black Mkt - he knows it's hard to go wrong there!)

However, thirty is a BIG birthday - or I think so at least. Matt probably would have been happy enough with a steak dinner and a quiet night at home, but nooooo...I had other plans.

I have a newfound obsession with etsy.com and have bought many a baby gift on there recently. One sleepless night I was searching for invitations for Matt and decided to try my luck. And wouldn't you know - I found the perfect thing!

It's a stadium ticket down to every last detail - of course, I just had to track down a picture of Matt from his football playing days with the sweetest chili bowl haircut that you could sport as a freshman (circa 1993-94, I think?). Thank you, Emily, Rich, and Barbara for helping me with this!!! Sorry the scan is a little small - but you get the picture. (no pun intended)
Anyway, I found a woman who could make a cake like a champ and imitate the invitation perfectly. It tasted as good as it looked! So the whole theme was around football - which came in handy because we usually throw at least a couple of football watching parties each year. Selfishly, all I had to purchase were some plates and napkins and the rest of the stuff was ready to go.

The party was a success in my book. I felt crummy that whole day - but after a 2 hour nap was able to rally not only to route my Tigers onto victory but also socialize for a few hours.
Man, our parties certainly have changed. Not that we were ever big into partying, but we will call this a relatively tame party. Just good friends, good food, good times. We went through way more water and diet cokes than beer and vodka. That's a good thing because the days of hangovers are far behind us. And thank goodness my mother came in town to help out and celebrate with us - she was a lifesaver to me! And I think she had a pretty good time, too :) The woman has never met a stranger and I think became best friends with all of our friends at the party.
Speaking of birthdays, it was her birthday as well on that Friday the 2nd. It has become our tradition for Matt and Mommy to celebrate their birthdays together and it is so cute. I love spending time with both of them on their special days. The three of us went out for our "nice" dinner on Friday night and had a fabulous time as always - and much to my jealousy, were served incredible "Happy Birthday" dessert trays compliments of the chef. Mom and I kind of dabbled in hers but poor Matt ate every last bite. He still was full at 10am the next morning.
Pace yourself, baby - metabolism doesn't last forever! Or maybe for him it does. Because no matter what that kid, ummm I mean, "man" eats, it never shows. I find it disturbing and intriguing. And again, I am jealous.
Happy Birthday, babe! Hope you enjoyed everything. You deserved all of that and more. You are my heart and I can't wait to celebrate every single last birthday with you. Praying praying praying that the retrieval isn't on Saturday so you can enjoy a "guy's day" at the A&M vs Okie State game with Adam - far away from your hormonal and swollen wife. Love you!!!

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