An M&M Update and Prayer Request

Well, we've learned one thing through this process.

I am not a good bed rest patient.

I know.
It was surprising to me, too.

I enjoy afternoon naps or really naps of any kind, so I thought 3 days in bed sounded like pure delightful bliss.

Not so much. Turns out, I am not a very patient patient.

Quite the opposite. I was ready to get moving after 4 hours of lying on my back. I think it was just the fact that I was being told I couldn't do anything for myself and that lack of independence was especially frustrating. And for me mentally, when all you can do is lay there and watch whatever craziness is happening on "The Real Housewives" or think about what just happened within your body - well, you think a lot.

And you wonder. Is this really going to happen or am I just wasting my time with all of this? It's very frustrating not to technically feel sick or anything and then just "be still". Yuck. My personan definition of insanity.

Anyway, I made it through the 3 days - kind of cheated on day 3 by taking a shower, but Lord, I just needed to for my own personal good. That made a world of difference on Saturday and after a couple of rough days Thursday and Friday, to laugh and smile again yesterday just felt really good.
Overall, I feel kinda yuck to be honest. I don't know if it is all of the hormones making their way into my system (those fantastic progesterone oil shots - which by the way, suck as much as anticipated. I literally cringe when the clock turns 8:30pm and it's time to mix yet another one.) or if it is emotional stress - or a combination. But I am just exhausted, yet unable to sleep well - crampy, bloated, and every other adjective that would go along with your typical PMS-type symptoms.
And to make my body even more of a chemistry experiment gone bad, today we had the ultimate excitement of introducing more estrogen back into my system through the form of a pill 3x daily and a patch on my abdomen that will be changed out every 4th day.
(I have had a lot of questions about the meds, so in case you were wondering why all of this stuff? Basically now, the progesterone shots and the estrogen are designed to maintain the pregnancy, should one happen. When a spontaneous pregnancy occurs, usually your body is smart enough to produce adequate levels of these. However, during IVF your body doesn't know that it just got preggers until much later (like week 10 or so), so you have to take these additional measures.)
I know I sound kind of bitter about these meds. I don't really mean to. We are willing to do anything to get the M&M's here. But the fact remains - no.fun.at.all. But it is what is.
Anyway, I promised some pics, so here we go...

Here are a few pics from transfer day:

May I present to you the two little M&M's (full blasts)....

The embroyos (5 day transfer). Beautiful, right? :)

Oh, the sexy ways to make a baby. With my lucky socks on. (I wore them for the retrieval and that went well, so I decided to break them out for the transfer too.)

Look at that hottie. They let Matt come in with me but he had to get all space-aged suited out.

Our transfer day on Thursday turned out to be an even more emotional one than expected when we found out the shocking news that Matt's mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously, we are both devestated by this news but we are encouraged by Barbara's fortitude and positive outlook. We don't know yet what stage or really the complete treatment path yet. What we do know is that God is holding her in the palm of His Hand and that He will continue to give her strength and love on her during this tough time.

I tell you this news in the hopes that you will add Barbara to your prayer list. Please pray that the testing this week will show the cancer at an early, more treatable stage, pray for the wisdom and grace of the doctors, pray for our family and friend's hearts to rally around her at this time, and pray for Barbara, that she will have peace, conviction to fight, and the strength to overcome. We love you.

Matt and his mom, Barbara

In His Mighty Hands,

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Eugenie said...

I have so many comments!!!
For starters....those little M & M's are beautiful...it looks like one and one!
The picture of Barbara and Matt is adorable! I am so praying that she will get good news this week!
And, I did't realize that when you do invitro...your body doesn't realize it for awhile! TMS (too much science) Love you!

Julie said...

I am becoming addicted to your blog, Meagan! I am just so excited for you two! I am praying daily for you and Matt and I will definitely add Matt's mom to the prayer list.

Mimi said...

I don't understand some doctors. I didn't go on bed rest at all. I would be going out of my mind!!!!

I am praying so hard for you and your little blasts. Which are beautiful by the way!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Regarding your MIL. I am so sorry to hear her news. I will be adding her to my prayers every night. God is with her and He will take care of her.


Lisa said...

They are beautiful!! Praying they BOTH find a good little home in there to hang out and grow for a long while - 9 months give or take to be exact!

Praying for Mrs. Clanahan and the whole family. Terrible news, but she like so many other women can beat it! God will take care of her!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all!

Angela said...

I just found your blog and am laughing at your bedrest experience! It's so hard to know what to do to make those embrys stick! But from our experience It's truly up to God and there's very little control we have right now which is hard! ...So the bedrest... Try 8+weeks keeping our IM&Ms cooking! I did go a little "crazy"! But soo worth it.

And I'm Praying (my heart hurts for your family) as you are all waiting for your MIL tests. What a day! But God is soooo good and as I always say "miracles happen everyday"!