Pregnancy Brain...Not a Myth

Pregnancy brain is alive and well in the Clanahan house.

Or more specifically in the garage and guest bedroom closet wall.

Let me explain.

This evening I got a hankering for a Sonic diet coke. You know, after depriving myself all day. So I grabbed my keys and jumped in my car for the long trek all the way down the street. After getting halfway out of my neighborhood, I remembered I left my cell phone at home and because it's critical that I not miss a single call - I headed back home to retrieve it.

Pulled into the driveway (not into the garage), left my car running and jumped out to grab it.

Made it all the way inside to the computer room when I heard an earth shattering boom that literally made my house shake.

For 3 seconds my life passed before my eyes.

No, it couldn't be.



Ran out to the garage.

Sure enough.

Car no longer parked in the driveway where I had left it.

Instead it was full up against the wall in the garage. Still running.


Oh my Lord.

Thank goodness my husband built the Fort Knox equivalent to a storage structure a few months ago - and while it obnoxiously cratered a hole in my garage wall, it did stop the car from actually going through the freaking wall.

I still can't figure out what the hell I did to be able to get out of the car, walk in front of it, make it into the house, all the while it must have been chasing me up the driveway and my stupid brain didn't even realize it. Plus, the car actually was straight enough to make it through the narrow passageway that is my garage, only to scrape the side mirror slightly.

I would love to have it on security camera just to see or at least hear an eye witness account from a laughing neighbor.

I am sure one of these days we will laugh about it - needless to say, we aren't there yet. I managed to put a good size dent in the license plate and scrape the mirror - plus, it looks like the front fender may be off a bit.

Throw that in with some new drywall and sheetrock for both the garage wall and the guest bedroom closet - and well, I think that's what you call a successful day.

As several people have told me, it could have been worse. It could have been in reverse and hit a kid or a car in the street behind me. Or I could have been in the car. Or the car could have actually gone through the house.

Hmmm. That doesn't make me feel better yet. I still feel a little sick to my stomach. Mostly because on top of everything else, dealing with this is the last thing that Matt needs for sure. Obviously, it was an accident but stressful for him just the same.

Needless to say, I am a little frightened to drive right now. It's one thing to forget your phone number or be talking and forget what you are saying --- but pregnancy brain leading to a car through the house?? That's just scary.

And perhaps I am just copping out chalking this up to pregnancy brain. There's a good chance I am just an idiot.

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Ellie said...

I promise one day it really will be funny....so did you end up getting your diet coke after all?

btw, etsy shop is up and running...check it out....


Michele said...

You poor girl!! You will have great stories to tell as your wee ones grow up!!

Lisa said...

Sadly I'm laughing. I know I shouldn't because it is super scary, but I guess because I can TOTALLY see that happening to me! Glad you and everything is okay.

Amy said...

Ok, I did that exact same thing returning a Blockbuster tape once and had to chase my car through the parking lot to jump back in, Dukes of Hazzard style. That was 18-year-old driver brain, not pregnant-brain though. Either one is a bad combination. Or is it possible that you and I share a brain?

The Wests said...

You CRACK me up! Pregnancy brain is very real!

Angela said...

Oh My Goodness! Just found your blog and what a fun one to read! Sorry for the remodel job that will come! Congrats on your M&Ms! We have 14mo old IM&Ms at our house! Very exciting!

Mary B. said...

I guess because I can TOTALLY see that happening to me! Glad you and everything is okay. I did that exact same thing returning a Blockbuster tape once.