Thanksgiving Blessings Times Two

First, a quick baby update - M&M #1 and M&M #2 are doing GREAT. I saw them again this morning and both of them are measuring wonderfully and still have strong heartbeats. They are now officially labeled Baby A and Baby B on the ultrasound, which surprisingly brought me to tears when I saw that. I don't know, made it more real or something, as if the previous 3 ultrasounds hadn't been enough! I feel myself growing happier each day and more willing to get excited about them. I feel like they may be here to stay :)

On a side note, I always wondered how they label them A & B. Apparently, A is the one that would be the first to slide out should the birth be a natural vaginal one. Ummmm, no. With 2 little babies, I highly hightly doubt the birth will be anything other than C-section. I literally have no hips so one would be scary enough. Thinking about pushing two out makes me physically ill. You know how people have "birthing plans"? This is mine...

Step 1. Give me drugs

Step 2. Give me more drugs

Step 3. C-Section

That's it. My birthing plan in it's entirety. No water births for me thank you very much (nothing against the people who do that --- but why? Oh why the heck would you do that??!!)

Today's picture. 7 weeks, 2 days. Sorry for the size. My scanner hates me. Baby B is on top and Baby A is on the bottom. They were not cooperating to have their picture made together. Already wanting to be independent I guess.

Anyway, with this little cold front that blew through H-town this morning (and by cold I mean like 55 degrees - stop laughing if you live in Iowa or something - that's very chilly by bayou standards!!), it got me thinking more and more about Thanksgiving. Well, that and the 7 hours of Food Network I watched yesterday - all with their Thanksgiving recipes.

I simply love Thanksgiving. It's absolutely my favorite holiday. I love the food, I love being with my family and friends, and I love that it seems less stressful than Christmas. The day is completely about being with the ones you love and not about what presents everyone got each other.

I am especially excited for this year because we have double reasons to give thanks. I can hardly believe next year we will probably have 2 little babies rocking in their swings during Thanksgiving dinner. Blows my mind actually.

This year will be extra sweet because next year we probably won't do any traveling with the babies. I really don't want to have to throw two 5 or 6 months old in a car with all their "stuff" to make the drive to either Austin or Dallas. So this year, we will spend the holiday just enjoying our families and enjoying the last Thanksgiving with just Matt and I. What a wonderful blessing.

And of course, I am super excited this year just to eat!!! No worrying about holiday pounds or extra calories. I want it all. 3 slices of pecan pie (1 for each of us, me and the two babies!), extra helpings of all the sides, the works. Yum. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Nothing is wrong with my appetite, I'll tell you that much. As long as I eat what I crave, I feel great --- and I have no problem taking down an entire hamburger and a side of fries without even blinking. So Thanksgiving will be no hill for a climber.

More on Thanksigiving later - I have a tradition post to include when I don't have tremendous writer's block.


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L said...

That does sound cold... brrr. Ha! I think the windchill today was in the 30s - and that was the high.

My sister gave birth the old fashioned way to her twins, and you should talk to her. She said it was far easier than the entire 8 months of pregnancy.

Lisa said...

Prayers you will have no food adversions on Thanksgiving!

ps... I know its highly doubtful to have a vaginal delivery you might want to do a little research before you give up hope on it completly. If possible I would totally go for it - much quicker healing time and you are going to need any extra leg up to take care of two! Just my 2 cents - but really just do what your doctors think is best for you and those babies. Oh and if I can have 1 baby that is 8lbs 10ozs with a 13.5inch head then 2 itty bitty babies should a breeze!! :) love ya and will still love ya whatever you guys decide!

Amy said...

Oh, I'm just loving these posts! I go on my list of blogs and click yours first every day because I can't wait to see if there's an update! Have you answered the normal question of: will you be finding out the sexes and telling us names, yet? Or did I miss that?

L said...

To clarify - "the old fashioned way" still involved her friend, who happens to be an anesthesiologist, giving her the drugs.

Said sister is also a NICU nurse and has seen it all. She says the best birthing plan is to plan to do whatever the situation calls for (as advised by medical professionals) when the time comes.

Yes - and are you going to be finding out the gender? Announcing names before they arrive?