Babies Birthday Pictures - June 3, 2010

Here are a few pics of Ryan and Quinn's birthday. Unfortunately, we didn't have as many of Quinn because she was busy entertaining a team of neonatologists and cardiologists. But more pics to come of her when she doesn't have tubes everywhere! What an amazing day. Honestly, after looking at these pictures for the hundredth time, I totally get how moms say that they would do it all over again - because I would. Maybe not anytime soon, but would totally endure it all to hold these precious little ones again. :)
**Many of these pictures were taken by my very close friend Kendra who happens to be a very talented photographer. We were so blessed to have her share this special moment with us and capture these amazing shots. Thank you, Kendra, for being there!**

Daddy, Mom, & Ryan (Quinn was already in the NICU and I wasn't allowed to hold her until the following day)

Ryan and Daddy's aggie ring

Tired, tired Mommy & Ryan

Proud Daddy

Three out of the four Clanahan Fam

My precious little girl

Quinn being checked out

Fiesty from the start :)

Quinn, 3lbs 13 oz

Ryan all bundled up
Oh, I just love this little face

Daddy with Ryan after birth

My little brunette - I really thought he would have blonde hair like his Daddy --- but Quinn is the blonde instead.
He was a lot happier once they put clothes on him

Best day of my life!!!

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