Ryan @ 2 weeks

Ryan - What You Are Up To @ 2 weeks old:

- You are really a good baby and mostly just sleep and eat these days. I think you are still pretty "sleepy" since you would have only been technically about 38 weeks gestation.

- You are starting to open your eyes a lot more and focus on mommy & daddy. You also are becoming really observant in looking around and seeing what is new. My heart melts when our eyes lock.

-You had your 2 week newborn screen and now weight 5lbs 4oz. You eat like a champ and are up to 60-70 ccs per feed (every 3 hours). You gained 9 oz from your last doctor visit just 6 days ago and Dr. B gave you a high five.

- You have been to the pediatrician twice now since you are a preemie. You actually are such a trooper for Dr. B and hardly cry when you are there being examined. Dr. B is very gentle with you and called you a "very handsome guy" yesterday. Mommy & Daddy happily agree :)

-You have only had 2 rough nights where you were off your routine and didn't go to sleep until 4am. Not bad for 10 days of being home. Last night was a bad night, but I blame myself because I dragged you to the pediatrician office for your appt, you had your blood drawn, then we went to go visit your sister and you were an hour late on your feeding. On our way home, we got stuck in traffic and you were again 30 minutes late on eating. So it was mommy's fault. :(

- You love to lay in Daddy's lap and he loves to hold you. When he gets home from work, the first thing he looks for is you.

- You are not a huge fan of sponge baths and fuss almost the entire time. We don't like to bathe you every day because we are afraid that your skin will start to dry out. I hope that once your cord falls off & you can have a "regular" bath, then you will start to like it!

- Everyday you look more and more like a "Clanahan" and you don't seemingly have a lot of Anderson in you. That's ok though. You and your sister are looking more and more alike as well, especially as she gains weight. I love that you guys will look alike and can't wait to play dress up with you both. Although you probably won't think it's as fun as Mommy does.

- You really only cry during diaper changes or when we have to take off your clothes. But as soon as it's over, the tears are finished and you just snuggle up to Mommy.

- You are quite the snuggler - you are starting to grab my shirt & my hair to hold onto me and it just makes my heart smile.

- You do not like pacifiers and almost always refuse one when I try to give it to you. You will, however, suck on your hand forever.

- You finally are sleeping in a little cradle during the day instead of a laundry basket. You were too small for us to put in the swing & vibrating seat & all the rest of the fun stuff we bought you. So GiGi recommended the laundry basket. And it definitely worked and you loved it. However, Mommy finally needed it back to catch up on the loads of laundry I do every day.

-You like to be swaddled at first but then sometime during the night we will hear little grunts and find that our Houdini again escaped from the best swaddle job Mommy could do. Most of the time after you do that, I just give up and let you do what you want.

- Your favorite comfort position is to have both of your hands up against each ear and holding them slightly. I love it because it reminds me of the pictures I have of you while you were in utero.

- You are a wonderful little boy & I can't wait to see you grow!

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