Quinn @ 2 Weeks

Quinn: What You Are Up to @ 2 Weeks Old
- You are such a beautiful, sweet girl. All of the NICU nurses comment on how pretty you are when they see you. You have completely perfect features, such beautiful skin, a little sweet nose, and big, bright eyes!
- You have a very sweet personality and are pretty content with just sleeping and eating. When you are ready to eat, though, you let everyone in the NICU know!
- You are a very alert little girl for being so small and a preemie. You love to look around with your big eyes and check everything out. I love when you find my face with your eyes.
- You are an extremely brave and strong little girl. You have been poked and prodded and undergone multiple exams from multiple doctors. We are so proud of your fiestiness because we know that is what will help you get through all of this medical stuff.
- You finally got your feeding tube out today and now you are taking all of your feeds by yourself. Way to go, little girl! You are still only allowed to have about 34 cc per feed because the cardiologists want to make sure not to flood your system with too much fluid.
- You finally are over 4lbs! You lost quite a bit of weight after birth, but the feeding tube did it's job and now you weigh 3 more ounces than you did when you were born! Keep growing, kiddo!
- Most preemie clothes are still a little big for you but that doesn't stop Mommy from bringing you all sorts of outfits to wear at the hospital. We found some Carter preemie onesies that seem to fit well so you wear those all the time. You also have quite the assortment of pink socks but most of them slip right off your tiny feet (don't feel bad - most socks do not fit your brother as well!)
- You are eating well and much faster now. You used to be so sleepy and fall asleep during most of your feeds. But now that you are getting bigger, you stay awake to have the good stuff! You can be a little stubborn with your bottle though and when you are done eating, nothing can penetrate that little mouth of yours.
- You've had 2 visits now from your brother and so far you guys seem unimpressed with each other :) I am sure that will change once we get you both under the same roof and close to each other in the same bassinet.
- Your daddy and I switch off days to come see you at the hospital. Everytime we see you, our hearts are full. We wish so much we could spend every waking hour with you. Mommy cries almost every time she has to leave you in that hospital crib all alone. But we know that the nursing staff at TCH is taking such excellent care of you. We are able to call and check on you 24/7 and often call a few times a day to get a report on you.
- You are such a special little girl who has already brought us much joy. We look forward to the day where all four of us can be under the same roof and that darn NICU will just be a distant memory. You still have a battle in front of you with your heart condition, but we know you will be such a fighter and come through all of these trials with flying colors.
We love you, Baby Girl :)

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Amy said...

They are both just so beautiful, and yes they look just alike! Thanks for the post on all that they're doing. How much longer for Quinnie in the NICU?

L said...

They are so adorable. Quinn looks like a strong fighter. She'll be home in no time.

One of the most interesting things about watching my twin nieces grow up was when they were babies and finally started truly interacting with one another. It's an amazing glimpse into the nurture/nature debate.