Precious Moments

First Date Night @ Pappas Steakhouse. So Yummy!

Ryan @ 6 weeks

Quinn @ 6 weeks

Today we won't blog about how Quinn was a day or so from release --- only to be delayed again. And we won't talk about once she comes home, she will probably be on some type of monitor and most likely oxygen. Today we will just cherish the sweet moments of these little babies.

Ryan and I visited Quinn today -- and man, was he grumpy! But that's again Momma's fault for mistiming our arrival down there to coincide with his feeding. Anyway, FINALLY both babies were awake at the same time and we were finally able to get them some special "twin time".

They stared into each other's eyes for a good period of time --- and then, just as I thought my heart would burst with happiness, Ryan reached out his hand and grabbed Quinn's. Oh My Goodness.

Now, I realize the cynics out there would not believe he actually knew what he was grabbing or that he even cared it was his twin sister --- but who cares. It was adorable and made for a great picture moment. Love those precious moments.

God is good,

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Johnson Family said...

Oh what a beautiful moment for you to experience AND that you had your camera to capture it!

Praying Quinn's precious body grows and thrives and that she comes home so soon. They are just beautiful babies. So glad you two had a date night. Make sure to do that on a regular basis, especially right now. It's so important for you two.

eugenie Anderson said...

It's one of those moments that take your breath away!
Thanks for sharing!
Love, Mom

The L's said...

Such sweet pictures. You are showing such amazing strength.