The Twins Turn One Month - July 3rd, 2010

The twins turned 1 month on July 3rd. Can't believe I've had my little blessings around for this long. What an amazing 4 weeks it has been!

Quinn - What You Are Up To @ 1 month of Age:

You are still in the NICU but we are hoping to break you out of that place the middle of next week (July 14th or 15th). Your daddy and I are so sorry you have been in there for so long. Your doctors are working hard to figure out why you keep having some of your apnea episodes. Tests show you are having some acid reflux so now they are starting you on Prevacid to see if that helps things. You have been such a strong, brave girl through all of your tests.

You now weigh about 5lbs 12oz! Our big girl! Most of the preemie clothes I bought you no longer fit so we put you in newborn onesies all of the time. Your doctors say you are the best dressed baby in the NICU.

Mommy brought you up your first headband bow to wear with the largest pink flower on it. The flower is just about the size of your face. I don't think you liked it as much as I did because the petals kept getting in your eyes while you were eating :)

You are still the sweetest little girl. You are much more awake now when we visit and make all sorts of crazy faces. You have such a little personality! You are happy when we hold you but you also don't fuss too much in your crib either. Except if you're hungry...

You are a great eater. The nurses are so impressed with how much you can put away. We are still working to keep the majority of it down since you have some spit up issues, but on most nights you are gaining about an ounce a day.

You will hate us later for recording this -- but little Quinn, man, you have some toxic diapers! Your daddy had the pleasure of changing one of your blowouts yesterday and he put on a gown and gloves to get it done. They think it's a combination of the reflux and the high calorie formula you are on. Wow!

You and your brother still look somewhat alike, but we are starting to see some other features come out in you -- namely, your mouth is exactly like my dad's (your grandfather), and you have Mommy's eyes and Daddy's nose. You are such a beautiful little girl, with petite features and gorgeous skin. I can't wait to see you grow!

Your Gigi came to visit you this past week and she just melted when she saw you. She just wanted to hold onto you forever and you were wonderfully content to just stay in her arms and look into her eyes. It is SO hard for all of us to have to put you back in your crib and walk away. Tears my heart from the inside out. Hopefully we won't have to do it much longer.

Quinnie, you are so loved by us all. Your brother, daddy and I miss you so much and are anxious for us to be a family of four under the same roof. We are so proud of how well you have done with everything you have been through at a tender age. Love you, little girl!

Ryan: What You are Up To @ 1 month of Age:

You are such a good little boy! You really are a pretty easy baby and we feel so blessed. As long as we feed and change you, you are pretty much good to go :)

At your one month appt, you weighed 7lbs 3oz. You gained just about 2lbs in 16 days - whoa! Dr. B was very pleased. You are now on the "term babies" growth chart instead of the "preemie" chart. Right now, your weight and height are at the 5th and 6th percentile but we fully expect that to move up quickly since you are growing so well now! And son, your head is already at the 35th percentile - you are a Clanahan for sure!

You are taking just over 3oz every feeding. You are a good eater for the most part but you will definitely let us know when are finished.

Since you had such a good weight gain, Dr. B said you could start sleeping 4 to 5 hours at night without us having to feed you. We started doing that at the beginning of the week and so far you are doing great with it! Most of the time you go at least 4 hours and have even surprised Mommy a couple of times with 5 hour stretches.

We are still working on getting your days and nights straight. You typically do not want to go to sleep after your 10:30pm feeding and most of the time stay up until about midnight. However, you sleep wonderfully from about 4am-7:30am and most mornings I have to wake you up to eat. We'll get it straight one of these days -- after all, you are still such a tiny thing!

You had your first night in your crib a few days ago and did exceptionally well. I am so relieved you like it! As much as we liked having you close by, we know that you need to start being in your own space. Plus, when Sister comes home, we want you guys in the same room. That way you guys can chat with each other all night :)

Most of your newborn clothes fit now so you are staring to be more fashionable. ha. I got a little sad when I folded up your tiny little preemie sleeper we put you in the first week you came home. I already can't remember you being quite that small!

You still are not a huge fan of bathtime but Daddy and I give you one every night as part of your routine. I keep hoping that one day you will like it. You just don't like to be naked, you modest little boy! But whenever you are done with your bath, we wrap you in a fresh, warm towel and then read you one of the many books we have. You love story time and very often fall asleep by the end of it! Mommy & Daddy love it too and take turns reading to you in funny voices.

You had your first "real" smile during your newborn photo shoot on your birthday. It melted our hearts. But we haven't seen it since so we are waiting patiently until you get it all figured out again!

Ry, your daddy and I love you so much. Thank you for being such a special little boy. You bring joy to us every day and we are constantly amazed (and amused!) by the things that you do and faces you make. Do me a favor though -- slow down!! You are growing too fast :)

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