Flashback Videos

So Matt was going through our camcorder and finally categorizing some early videos of the babies. I started watching every single one of them and was absolutely mesmerized about how far we have come, especially little Quinn. Here are a couple of their early ones, followed by the most recent Cotton Bowl face-off. Unbelievable to both of us how much they have grown and thrived. This is God's work in action and proof to me that He is still in the business of making miracles.

Ryan at 1 day old (June 4, 2010)

Quinn at 1 day old (June 4, 2010)

And 7 months later.. Cotton Bowl Face Off

Gig 'Em, Tigers! :)

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Eugenie Anderson said...

Loved the videos..great Gig 'Em Tigers!!!

Lisa said...

How fun to see them geting so big!! It will be cool to look back at these videos when they are even bigger!!