The Magic that is Prunes

Pre-prunes (Ryan)

Pre-prunes (Quinn)

This morning was Prune Day #1. I took pictures and a video for Matt so he could enjoy breakfast time with us while he was offshore. However, I did not expect what followed.

Post-prunes (R)

Post-prunes (Q) This cracks me up - looks like she got into my 80's lipstick.

Video for Daddy

I have changed 6 poopie diapers (3 per child, we like to keep things fair & square in this house) all before 2:30pm. I think it's safe to say that I should have started the prunes when Matt was back on dry land.

And I think I'll just serve green beans tonight.

Excuse me while I get some fresh air.

I am a mom today more than ever. I realized that when Matt called from floating somewhere in the Gulf & instead of asking him about his day, I immediately told him that I was officially done with changing diapers and proceeded to tell him about quantities of poop of all things. Sexy marriage we have here.

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Lisa said...

Well at least if they ever backed up you know what works on them! My girls wouldn't touch that stuff with a 10 ft pole. Or really any baby food for that matter...

Kristin and John said...

I love this story! :) We haven't given the A-Team prunes yet. With as much as these kids already poo, I'm just terrified of what will happen!!!