A House Divided - Cotton Bowl 2011

For 9 years, Matt and I have waited for the day that LSU would play A&M. It used to be that our teams had quite the rivalry, but it's been YEARS since they've played each other.

Finally, our football dreams came true and they met last night in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Ironically, any other year we would have made the trek up I-45 to whoop it up in the Big-D, but with the twins around this year, we decided to stay put in Houston.

We were going to throw a big party in honor of this momentous event, but at the last minute we just decided it wasn't going to happen. After a crazy December with my surgery and long recovery and having hosted both Thanksgiving & Christmas here, and then the subsequent colds that followed for everyone (except me for once!), it just seemed like, well a lot of work.

So instead we had a relatively calm day, save for the occasional trash talking - mostly from me via facebook. Then we met my friend Ash & her son J up at a local wing joint for an early dinner with the twins, and headed home shortly after the game began to watch it from the comfort of our living room. I will say I was COMPLETELY outnumbered at the restaurant - the ratio of A&M to LSU fans was at least 10 to 1. Not incredibly surprising considering Houston seems to be a mecca for "former students" --- and any LSU fan worth their salt were probably drinking it up at any number of cajun type restaurants or the Big/Little Woodrows areas around H-town.

Anyway, a game like this certainly called for dress up for the babies. And Matt's sister Emily came through in spades with the cutest "babies divided" outfits. So precious - thanks, Em!

Most of you probably already know that after a relatively scary 1st quarter, my Tigers came through and showed the Aggies how to play SEC ball with the big boys (sorry, I couldn't resist). The second half of the game ended up being even a little boring but it was still fun to watch it with my husband.

It should be duly noted that towards the end of the game, Matt went and put on his LSU 2007 National Championship tshirt, because and I quote, "It was the only shirt I could find." Now that boy has at least 2 drawer fulls of neatly folded tshirts in all matters of color and graphics. I am not sure where his head was on that one, but I'm pretty sure the Former Student Association could potentially consider that a very serious case of treason. Either way, it was amusing to me.

Unfortunately, I don't have photographic evidence of him jumping ship, but we did "manage" to take, oh 35 pictures or so of the babies last night. Here are just a few. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get the entire album.

And may I add, GEAUX TIGERS!!!! Can't wait for September. Let the countdown clock begin.

Quinn in her precious "baby divided" outfit. It was chilly, so she had to wear jeans with it but you could still see the ruffles.

Ryan and his sweet laugh. I was jumping around like an idiot to get him to smile like this while Matt took the picture.

Geaux Tigers and Gig 'Em, Ags!

Ashley and me. Ash is due in a couple of months with a sweet baby girl - can't wait to mee her!!!

The family divided. Just for the night.

I cheated and put them in Tiger gear all day Thursday.

This is actually an old picture from when they were about 3 or 4 months old. Quinn just looks plain scared and Ryan looks all tough.

My brother and sis-in-law gave Ryan this outfit when fball season began. How prophetic it turned out to be!

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