Mother's Day Out - Day 1.

A few weeks ago I started getting a little desperate about finding a Mother's Day Out program to send the kids to - just a few hours each week so Momma could get some rest and babies could grasp onto some social skills and get out into the "real world". ha!

Anyway, I got soooo lucky and found a good program that was looking to open up a Tuesday class but needed 2 more kids --- bingo, TWINS. They even bypassed the rule that R&Q needed to be 18 months by 9/1/11 (they were 18 months in December). Thank you, Lord! I'm actually really excited about that because I think it's great for them to be around older children and learn to mimic their behavior and speech.

Anyway, the day finally came --- and as much as I was looking forward to it, I was also pretty sad this a.m. as I was packing up their bags and lovingly cutting up chicken and cheese for their lunches. (Oh, and apparently MDO's don't serve heated lunches - my kids have been spoiled! They get "hot lunches" almost every day!)

As I dressed them this morning in their jeans and comfy play clothes, I was just struck at how old they looked. Quinn's hair seemed longer just overnight and Ryan was, well, just so "toddlerish" (yes, it's a word - it my dictionary).

I know they were a little confused about why Mommy was rushing them around this morning to get ready as we usually are pretty leisurely around here and not out of pjs before noon. And then I started to feel guilty about what I was about to push them into, even though I knew they would probably (hopefully?) enjoy the day.

By some miracle, we made it out the door in time and I was even able to capture a few pictures for once. They aren't high quality as we were very rushed. First, I got them in the car, strapped in, and realized I forgot pictures.

Unstrap, back out, to the front door to take pictures.

Back to car, strap back in, pull out of garage, start to shut garage,

Oh, s*5t, LUNCHES still in the fridge.

Back in the house, grab lunches, on the go. No time for Sonic. Bummer.

We made it on time (first to arrive, thank you very much --- and that will probably be the only time this semester)

Let me just tell you how we were loaded down - 2 kids, one very large stroller, one nap mat for each (LSU for Quinn, A&M for Ry Guy), one backpack for each, one cooler bag for each, a large bag full of "donation" wipes, Clorox, and cups for the class, diapers, and a mommy with a camera. There were stares, I'm not gonna lie.

We finally made it in and while I was fully prepared for tears, there were none. Except for me. Once they got into the classroom, they were off and exploring. I didn't even get kisses good bye. So they didn't cry, but I shed a few tears. Not because I was so sad to leave them (although I was), but because they are GROWING UP. Babies that are old enough to understand that Mommy is leaving but they are going to have a fun day. Yikes.

Anyway, it's only 1 day a week for 5 hours, but will be a good transition to the 2 days a week I hope to get in the fall. And 5 hours goes FAST. I had a doctors appointment, then another preschool registration (still hoping for another school for the fall - nothing against our current school but I have an alma mater of sorts I'd like to see them in), quick stop at the pharmacy, home, lunch, and back to pick them up.

And oh, was I overjoyed to see them. And I think they were happy to see me. They both had GREAT days - and each of them showed their personalities in true form. Quinn was the curious one who tried her hardest to keep up with all of the older boys. And Ryan was the cautious one and a little bit more unsure but still happy and sweet (except at naptime, which I am sure he will adjust to). Both came home completely wiped out and went down for another nap --- yay for that!

Here are a few pics from the day. Pardon the quality - we were super rushed!


Ry Guy - looking so much like daddy here

The best of the outside shots

Almost there - already ripped off her bow and shoes. I don't know why I even bother to put them on until we arrive at our destination.

Outside school. They look thrilled, huh???

Oh, that was just 1/8 of our gear

Already getting busy!

Quinn on the move going to check it all out. I tried to get her to stand still for ONE shot to no avail :)

More posts to come later. I have much to say on a more serious topic but I have to get my head together and wrap my senses around it all. Let's just say these pictures brought so much needed light into my life today.

In Him,

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Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

How super cute are your kiddos? Interested in arranging a marrage between Q and P today? As in right now? Just think about it :)

Oh, and I LOVE the new blog look.