Valentine's Day 2012

Well, since Valentine's Day was on a Tuesday this year, the kids were at MDO much of the day. So I didn't have as much time with my little love bugs as usual, but that sure made the pick up that much sweeter. They had a great day and their little class even had a Valentine's Day party and decorated treat bags for them to bring home. So sweet :) And according to their wonderful teacher, Miss Kara, both of them did wonderfully - and Ryan did not even cry when they put him down for his nap this time. He just rolled over and went straight to sleep.

I'm just amazed at how they have transitioned so well - from very little structure (minus our schedule of course) to a structured environments with strangers and other little kids. I think that having each other probably helps them feel more at ease, even if they ignore each other half of the time they are there!

I took a couple of pictures, but by the time we got home, they were so exhausted, they were not much in the mood for picture taking. Happy Valentine's to my little bugs and Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband! 10 years of Vdays and counting : ) Here's to many, many more. Love you, babe.

I don't think this was actually Valentine's Day but I just love this outfit.

This is Q's "Oh, s*&t face" when she knows she's done something wrong : )

This one kills me - she looks so grown up!

He headed straight for the music toy at MDO. What a shocker. And he needs a haircut. Pardon the mess.

Delirious at home after school. His GQ pose - a little blurry but it was so cute, I had to keep it.

My future little hoarder. 2 water cups and a paci.

Relaxing after school and showing me her belly. Showing her belly & her heart are her 2 favorite things right now.

Daddy and Ry Ry. Quinn was over pictures at this point.

Special treat bags. I may or may not have eaten their candy. Isn't that the privilege of being Mommy?

First of many Valentine's Day cards to come, I'm sure : )

Heading home! School is exhausting, Mom!

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Cheryl E. said...

They are just soooo adorable. I agree, that little bubble gum dress is so cute!

Libby said...

Cute! I think that you have a lot of structure with your schedule. We have no structure at our house, and luckily we send her to a hippy-dippy day care where they think every baby should be on his/her own schedule (or complete lack thereof, in our case).

They are getting so grown up!