A Picture Says 100 Words

I have a tendency to over explain my posts and pictures. This picture could perhaps speak for itself.

It was "that kind of day". The one where you want to pull your hair out and just go crawl in bed and watch a Real Housewive of Whatever City marathon.

I blame the weather.

Either way, R&Q were out of control today. Cabin fever or something because God forbid, they haven't been out of the house in 12 hours or something. After the 18th time of breaking into my cabinets, I was done. Like D.O.N.E. done. Time outs all around.

Typically Ryan has no problem with timeout (and secretly I think he enjoys his time to himself) but Quinn, my little extrovert, typically throws a fit and pitches  her head onto the tile. This time, by some miracle, both were content with time out and stayed in this pose for the entire 2 minutes. I couldn't help but grab my camera. As frustrated as I was, I just had to marvel tonight at what good babies they are to go stand in a corner with no assistance or prodding. We are blessed, no matter the tough days. But oh my, I am hoping for a new day tomorrow --- and one that I don't have to raise my voice 25 times.

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The Wests said...

Encouragement for you tomorrow!!