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I'm sort of ashamed to admit this - but perhaps on accident (purpose?), I stumbled (searched?) for something brainless on TV the other day. What's more brainless than "Kim and Kourtney take New York"? I settled only because Bravo was doing a marathon on "Tabitha's Salon Takeover" and even I can't stoop to that level. I was really praying for a "Real Housewives of Somewhere/Anywhere" episode. That sounds kinda wrong to pray for that. Anywho...

However, my point: I suppose it was the part where they were wrapping up their "highs" and "lows" to their time in NYC, except they called them "Pits and Peaks". It's kinda stuck with me. At our staff meetings for work, we always briefly run through our "Bests and Worsts" to get everyone updated. So I was familiar with the concept --- it's a nice way to break the ice, catch up, and also do a bit of reflecting.

I decided that I am going to ATTEMPT to do weekly "Pits and Peaks" here on the blog - and I'd love to hear (read!) yours as well! My prayer is that each week I have many more peaks than pits, but I won't bore you to death with my laundry list. Or I'll try not to. And I say attempt because things are getting a little crazy around here, as you'll see from evidence below. So we'll see how it goes!

I'm going to start with my "Pits" first because I always want to end with the positives! (Side note: "start with the pits" doesn't sounds like a very nice phrase...hmmmm)

The Pits:

I was hesitant to even blog about this because honestly I felt for awhile it wasn't even my story to share. But as I've had some reflection time, it would be remiss of me not to share this. A little over two weeks ago, my family and I lost a very, very dear friend. Like family-close friend. Like my soul-sister Amy's Mom, whom I felt powerfully connected to on so many levels. She also happened to be a dear friend of my mom's for years and years, and was my mom's boss for over 12 years. To say they were close would be an understatment. She walked a many a journey with my mom, both the good and bad, as did my mom with her. And oh my, how I loved this woman --- I loved her humor, her candidness, her spirit, her immense joy, generosity of spirit and time, and her deepest love for her family. She would go to the ends of the Earth for her husband, two amazing daughters, and three grandchildren.

Her death came as a complete shock to us all. She suffered what they think was a grand mal seizure while having lunch one day, was given CPR for 50 minutes and shocked 14 times. And she CAME BACK. She was put on a ventilator but as she started to come out of the coma, she was able to spend 3 precious days interacting with her family with all of her Lynda-mannerisms and she was STILL there. Unfortunately, complications arose and ultimately she went to be with our Lord and Savior.

I cried my eyes out for nights and couldn't sleep for days. Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate her life (which really is a peak), and let me tell you, God was all over that service and the family. Their strength, courage, and grace they have exhibited through all has been a testimony of "Life with Christ" (stealing that from my dear friend's eulogy, because that's how Lynda lived). She lived every day with Christ in her heart, and she radiated that. And we know while we all grieve during these difficult times, that she is up there in Heaven having a party and reuniting with my Dad (who loved her and she loved him in return). The neatest part? Their plots are literally almost next door to each other in this massive cemetery - like 25 feet away. I love that and feel the comfort knowing that our families will always have that connection. Anyway, while it was definitely the "Pits" - there were huge "Peaks" that God allowed to shine through as he always does. Rest in peace, Miss Lynda and give my daddy a big hug from me.

Ok, onto the Peaks:

1. Ryan and Quinn got into our first choice Mother's Day Out (Preschool) for next fall!!! I just never realized how crazy and insane it would be. We are thrilled with the school they will be attending, as it is one that we can see them going all the way through until Kindergarten (oh, my, that word gives me shivers!). Anyway, they had to go in a lottery and thank goodness since there were 2 of them, if one was selected, the other was automatically in. Amen for twins! Anyway, they will go twice a week next fall, Monday/Wednesday. I would have preferred Tues/Thursday but beggars can't be choosers and we are on the wait list for that session now.

2. We put down earnest money on a new house this weekend ---aghhhhhh!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about the new house. And it's our 10-15-20 year house, once we are there, we don't plan on moving for a long time. Anyway, this week/weekend has been crazy, doing paperwork, submitting applications, meeting with realtors to sell our current house, and de-clutterville. So much to do. But I just try to keep reminding myself that it will be a few months of hell and then it will be settled and done. It was going to happen at some point, so it might as well be now. Here we go! Keep ya posted - but we are probably a good 5-6 months to even being close to settled in the new place. Thank goodness for contingency in this economical environment. And pooh on the people who bought too much house (and the people that lent them $) years ago that make the process incredibly difficult these days - ok, off the box.

3. R&Q continue to love MDO. Quinn is thriving amongst the big boys and Ryan is just loving all of the attention. Wednesdays have now become the hard days in our house because they lapped up all of the loving and attention from the teachers on Tuesday. Mommy is not nearly as exciting. I just crack up because apparently they are big rule followers and actually listen to directions --- my children??? : )

So many more peaks - but those are the highlights. What is your peak and pit this week? Would love to hear!!!!

In Him,

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Libby said...

My family has 2 of these traditions. The first is that whenever we would sit down to a meal as a family (now including my nieces), my mom would ask, "Who wants to go first?" You never knew what the question would be. It could be, "What was the best part of your day?" or something similar. Or it could be a total smart-ass question. That was the risk of being first.

When I was a kid we would also do "temperatures." You would say what your temperature was for the day. It was something from my Talented and Gifted classes. The idea is that you define how good (or bad) your day is but everyone has a different measure and standard.